To The Girl Who Is Always There For Everyone Else


You have a lot more to feel and deal with, more than anyone can comprehend, when you’re the girl who is always there for others.


That ocean of a heart you have comes with voluminous depths within you. A heart with which you drown over and over again for those who fear to swim. You give and you give and you give; ripping pieces of your paper soul into the smallest bits and pieces just to see someone aflame with the fire that flickers within you.


You hurt. My god, do you hurt. Your heart aches, silently praying that someday you will receive the love that you effortlessly give to others, hoping that there will come a time when someone will ask you how you are doing, how you are healing and how you are coping.


When these moments of hope that you hold onto don’t come into being, you heal yourself. You’ve learned to gather strength from things other than people. You rejuvenate in your solitude and find hope for better days in your daydreams. Even when you break you build yourself up, reassure yourself that you don’t need anyone to save you, that you don’t need anyone to depend on to make your foundation stable.


But undoubtedly, you do.


You see, sometimes the girl who is always there for everyone else, needs someone there for her. Sometimes, the girl who smiles the widest deals with the most unbearable pain. The girl who is always the one comforting and wiping the tears off of others sometimes locks herself up in her room and lets out her pain in streams of teardrops till she falls asleep.  Sometimes the girl who encourages and lifts the spirits of everyone around her needs to be reassured that she is appreciated and that she matters; sometimes she needs to be encouraged herself.


So this goes to the girl who is always there for others – know that your heart is rare.


Know that you have been blessed with the power to calm the storms within other people. Your gift has brought healing to the hurt minds and relief to their sore eyes. Keep in mind that you give hope and strength to other people. And that you encourage them by accepting and acknowledging the pieces of them that others disregard and take no notice of. You make people feel worthy of love and make them feel like they have something to stand for. 

Nonetheless, you have to remind yourself that you are not invincible; that you cannot always go on like this. Your heart needs to take a break. You need to take a break. Remind yourself that though you have the strength to carry the weight, that you need not have the world on your shoulders all the time, that others may not accept that they need to heal. Know that you can use the energy and love that you give out to the world to strengthen and to love yourself. You are worthy of all the love and light that you give to everyone else. Remind yourself that you don’t always have to be strong, that you don’t always have to be the one that fixes and solves the problem. Remind yourself that you can be supported, that you can ask for a helping hand; others can be there for you – for the girl that’s always there for them.


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  1. Madani Faridah Avatar
    Madani Faridah

    Awesome ! It made me emotional. It seems as if someone wrote it about me .

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