14 Ways To Make Her Fall For You

14 Ways To Make Her Fall For You

How many times have you looked at the girl you love, and thought of a million ways to make her fall for you, but never really succeeded? Well, you don’t have to do a million things to make her love you back. But, there are a few rock-solid things you can do to ensure that she falls for you.

Here Are 14 Ways To Make Her Fall For You

1. Patience is key.

Be patient with her. There are going to be times when she might get on your nerves, but don’t give up on her. If you truly love her, then take the good with the bad. If she is going wrong in some way that is bothering you, be patient and try to make her understand.

2. Don’t make her feel suffocated.

Don’t be greedy with her time and attention. Let her feel that you won’t consume her space.

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3. Always be there for her.

Be there for her. Every time. When she needs someone to listen to her drama even if it’s 4 in the morning, stay with her. Be her favorite pillow that knows all of her stories and secrets. Don’t leave her until she falls asleep.

4. Accept the real her.

Listen to her when she sings ‘Honeymoon Avenue’. It is her favorite song. Don’t interrupt her, even if she’s crying so hard and she’s starting to mumble the lyrics. Look at her through her eyes. Feel her pain. Feel her presence; it’s the real her. Embrace the world she’s living in right now; she’s badly hurt. Don’t comfort her with promises. Unless you mean them.

5. Give her ample confidence.

When she says everything’s going to be alright, she means it, but she still doubts. Encourage her.

6. Be her biggest support

Be the moonlight that will guide her and bring her back to her path. Be the light in her darkest night.

7. Accept her weird taste.

Every woman is different, including the one you love. She might like things completely different from yours. She might love the combination of Nutella and tomato ketchup! But then, that’s her. Love her quirks and all those things that make her different than the rest.

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8. Focus on her details.

Her actions tell the truth. If she texts you, “I’m okay. Don’t worry,” Don’t believe her. Travel to her home and comfort her with her favorite food.

9. Remember that some things are better left unsaid.

If she doesn’t talk at first about her past, don’t bring it up. She’s trying not to remember everything. Help her to move forward. You can’t save her from reminiscing, but you help her to not look back anymore.

10. She wears her heart on her sleeve.

If she tells you she loves the way you treat her, then appreciate it, because it’s real.

11. Adore her from her smiles to her soul.

Adore everything of hers, and let her know that. Let her know that you love her as she is, and whatever she does, makes you fall in love with her more.

12. Love her child-like nature.

You’ll never know when she will become a child again; she loves to play everything around her. She loves to dance in the rain, play with someone’s hair and even make you mad on purpose. But she appreciates everything, from the sunflowers she sees every morning to the stars she connects every night. Every effort, every smile. Accept her and be her childhood best friend.

13. Reciprocate in the right way.

If she’s already into you, don’t lose the chance but don’t take advantage of her. If she reciprocates your feelings, then don’t take her for granted. Give her the love and respect she truly deserves.

14. Loving her will be your best mistake.

Get ready for the consequences you will experience throughout the journey with her. She loves to be in danger; protect her every time. Love her until you can’t recall what it was like before her, and celebrate waking up to her every morning, and falling asleep together every single night.

If you genuinely love that girl and want to be with her, then you will have to keep these things in mind. Do all these, and see for yourself how she loves you back.

If you want to know more about the ways to make her fall for you, then check out this video below: 

14 Ways To Make Her Fall For You
14 Ways To Make Her Fall For You

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