5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath

5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath

Confessions Of An Empath On Her Path to Self-discovery – 5 fundamental truths

I wish I could be one of those people who do not have to feel too much about everything all the time or explode myself with energies from my surroundings.
Most of my life, I wondered why subtle things bothered me while others remained so unperturbed with those shifts in energies. Okay wait. Certain people do not even get this mere fact that people do in fact emit vibes and it effects some people.

I certainly believed that I had the ability to read people and into their intentions, alongside being hypersensitive to their altering emotions. This got me frustrated as I kept collecting emotions from people and it overwhelmed me all at once. At the end of the day when I was unwinding all of it, it indeed gave insight about myself but it did leave me in pieces. I could not get over those unsettling emotions for days at once and it affected my appetite, it disturbed my sleep and completely threw me off the charts. But who would understand?

It isn’t an easy task to be comprehensible to other people about what really was bothering me. Hell no! Because most of them had no patience to accept concepts beyond their ken.

They could come off with “I understand that you are emotionally sensitive.” No. I wasn’t just intuitive, now I was becoming more inclined towards having the ability to scan people beyond their superficial selves. They pasts experiences, started That’s how it felt. It was more than reading a person and their body language. On an intensive scale, I was zooming in on them, how their eyelashes made a move, how their lips curled, how their skin flushed and how their eyes watered near the corner. Everything was exaggerated and more intense than they were in reality.

I secluded myself to deal with all this bullshit which weren’t my own. I started disconnecting from my friends, acquaintances, and colleagues and this progressively extended to my family members. Every trivial thing startled me, and I found it quite difficult to cope with daily interactions. I started training myself to be disciplined, I began to follow a daily schedule, I planned my weekdays in advance to cut down on stress, I worked on minimizing procrastinating by setting false deadlines. I invested in yoga and meditation. Apart from all these, I significantly reduced my unhealthy food intake and started living a regimented life.

To my surprise, some of it really worked (while some didn’t). I was initially dragging myself through hell. Now it seemed like I could see some light at the end of my path. I was more focused and less heavy on myself now. I was moving slow but sure of my destination. Sticking to the strict schedule often got the best of me but I was gradually getting accustomed to the positive modifications I started to bring in my life.
All along the process, I became aware of a few fundamental truths which I want to put here as my confessions of being an empath.

5 Fundamental Truths I Learned About Life In My Journey As An Empath

1. People lack empathy

Hate to put it out in the open but yes, people out there just lack the ability to comprehend other people’s emotions, even to least validate them. They are so stuck up in their own mindset, that looking outside the box is not their cup of tea.
Being an empath, I realized this over and over again, in my journey toward self-acceptance.

When I found other people disapproving of my abilities, this often lead me to reject the crux of my emotional experiences. If they said those feelings were not true, I believed those really weren’t. This made it difficult for me to accept and appreciate myself. I had to put myself out of their frame and look into myself. This helped me differentiate between their perspective and mine.

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