Full Moon Horoscope For 12 Zodiac Signs: 16 May 2022

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Full Moon Predictions For Each Zodiac Sign: 16 April 2022

Are you ready to welcome the Pink Moon? The first Spring full moon is here to offer you balance, harmony, renewal, and growth. Read on if you’re eager to find out how to reap these rewards, based on your zodiac sign.

In this article, we have brought to you everything about the full moon of April 2022 aka the Full Pink Moon, and how it’s going to affect your life, according to your zodiac sign.

For your accurate April full moon 2022 predictions and a detailed understanding of the myth of the Full Pink Moon, stick with us till the end.

Full Pink Moon: Date and Sign

The April full moon 2022 will rise on the night of 16th, in the sign of Libra, and will reach its peak illumination at 2:57 P.M. EDT. But of course, you will be able to witness the full moon in all its glory, after the sunset.

Why Is The April Full Moon Known As The Pink Moon?

Sorry to break this to you, but the Pink Moon gets its name from the pink hue of a certain wildflower called Creeping Phlox, also known as “Moss Phlox” and “Moss Pink”, which blossoms during the springtime. So sadly, there will be no rosy pink-colored moon on the horizon.

Full Moon April 2022 Predictions

The moon represents the divine feminine energy and rules over our mind, emotions, and our intuitive power. Each full moon brings a unique set of blessings for the 12 zodiac signs. The Full Moon April 2022 sign being Libra, will bring justice, balancing out all aspects of your life, including your emotions and relationships.

But that’s not all, being the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, the Pink Moon promises rebirth, renewal, and hope for all that is dying or decaying. So let’s find out what new beginning is waiting for you according to your full moon predictions for April 2022.

Here is your Full Moon Horoscope for the month of April 2022, based on your zodiac sign:

The moon rules over our emotions and intuition, and every full moon intensifies them.
Full Moon Horoscope For 12 Zodiac Signs: 16 May 2022

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The full moon in libra will make you review some of your close relationships, Aries, and that will include the familial ones. There is a possibility of some painful endings as you decide to close the door on some people who are no longer good for your well-being. Overall, you need to balance your priorities and commitments if you want to have a fulfilling life. Some relationships will go through a major transition, as you finally decide to reconcile and bury the hatchet. 

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your work sector is flourishing, Taurus, but this month’s full moon will bring your focus back to your most important relationship, the one that you have with yourself. If you have been ignoring your health due to work pressure, now is the time to self-care. Strategize an effective regimen that will give you enough time to sleep, work out, and have healthy meals. Take care of your body and mind, so that you can keep on pushing your limits at your job or business.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini, your finance and other resources will be stable, making you feel somewhat relaxed and at ease. This period of stability,  brought on by the full moon, will give you scope to pursue your other interests and lead you to discover your penchant for creativity. If you invest your time and efforts in cultural, artistic, or literary pursuits, you will not only live up to your potential but will also realize a very deep level of satisfaction.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The full moon of April says it’s time to get rid of the junk of yesterday, Cancer, both literally and figuratively. When you keep holding on to the past, you delay your future. Similarly, if you keep your surroundings cluttered and unorganized, it negatively affects your moods and emotional health. Our advice to you would be to go on a cleaning spree and move around things a little. Get rid of what is no longer useful and make space for new! Weed out those toxic connections for a better life.

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