Your Horoscope For The Super Full Moon in Virgo – 09 March 2020

General Predictions for the Full Moon in Virgo:

On the 9th of March, at 17:49 UT, the Moon, from Virgo, accurately opposes the Sun, in Pisces, forming the Full Moon.

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During the time of the Full Moon, Mercury is almost stationary, and, exactly 10 hours later, at 03:49 UT of the 10th of March it starts moving forwards again. This is one of the two most significant changes that happen in the planetary scenery, during this waning Moon period. When Mercury turns back into direct motion, a new, not that long, “golden” period starts, when we’ll have no retrograde planetary activity and no ecliptic activity. This is the last such period of the year and it will last until the 25th of April, when Pluto will turn into Retrograde Motion.

The second significant change will take place on the 22nd of March, just two days prior to the New Moon. Then, Saturn will temporarily leave Capricorn to visit Aquarius, where it will remain until the 1st of July. As Saturn won’t even reach the 2nd degree of Aquarius during this short visit, it won’t stop being in conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter, an aspect that affects the whole year, but its square with Uranus, in Taurus, will become more intense. Won’t reach its peak, but it will become stronger. Hence, some difficulties and restrictions in making significant changes in our lives will be present. Some unpleasant changes can also happen.

Furthermore, during the waning Moon period, Mercury re-enters Pisces, on the 16th of the month, and the Sun enters Aries on the 20th of the month, signifying the Equinox.


An important aspect of the Full Moon:

For good and ill, Neptune is greatly affected by this Full Moon. This influence both energises and upsets our emotional life and condition. Our emotions become more intense and more important. Sometimes, they can cloud our rational thinking, too. Around the days of the Full Moon the stressful part of this influence is stronger, but in the long run, the positive effects will be dominant.

Therefore, as a general advice, try to keep yourself calm, as much as possible and don’t rush into hasty decisions. Don’t take everything at heart, either. Instead, try to see things as objectively as you can. This is probably easier said than done, but it’s worth the effort.

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This is a good period for self-discovery. Emotions, longings and regrets we have buried inside us can become more easily observed, as, now, they surface. Uncontrollably, in some cases. Unpleasant and inconvenient as this might be, it can help us realise them, face them and heal the cause of them.

This is all the more important to do now as Pluto is constantly overcharged and in a constant hexagon with Neptune, so there won’t be a really easy period to deal with such issues during this year and the next. Taking advantage of helpful such period, then, is the wisest thing we can do.


The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Venus’ series of stressful aspects stops affecting us during this period. One such aspect has already stopped acting, the second stops on the day of the Full Moon and, finally, Venus’ square with Saturn will stop acting on the 13th, but it has already lost most of its strength.

Other than that, only the months-long lasting – and thankfully not perfect – square of Uranus and Saturn, we’ve talked about, along with the temporal stressful Lunar aspects, we’ll see in our daily predictions, negatively affect this period. Therefore, this is quite an easy going period. Even more so, as there are plenty of auspicious long-term aspects supporting us. Once again, though, keep in mind what we’ve said about Neptune, too.

The auspicious influences of the Full Moon:

Venus, in Taurus, is in conjunction with Uranus and this conjunction was accurate on the 8th of March and will remain active until the 18th of March. Furthermore, Venus’ hexagon with Mercury, who now turns into direct motion, is also active, still, and it will remain so until the 13th, or the 12th of the month. Although the latter aspect has lost most of its power, already, it might produce some beneficial results now that Mercury is back into direct motion. As for the former one, it’s still strong and, now that Venus is stress-free, will be more beneficial to us. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius will enjoy this blessing more than the rest. Nonetheless, for all health issues receive beneficial energies, beautification becomes more affective and art creation, as well as making a living from art receive a boosting.

Mercury’s surprisingly extra long-lasting hexagon with Uranus is still active and will remain active until the 31st of March, affecting the whole waning period and some of the following waxing one. Moreover, on the 22nd of March, this hexagon will become, once again, accurate. Now that the handicap of Mercury’s retrograde motion is no longer, this will help our socialisation and communications. Internet activity can become quite active and productive. All jobs and careers based on technology, the internet and any and every means of communications, transportations and personal relationships will have a very beneficial period.

The Sun is in conjunction with Neptune, since the 28th of February. This aspect will remain active until the 19th of March, supporting magic and helping emotional healing and emotional well-being.

Furthermore, the Sun is in a hexagon with Jupiter. This extra auspicious aspect will be accurate on the 11th of March and it will remain active until the New Moon, affecting the whole waning Moon period. Further supporting the same fields of out lives, the Sun is also in hexagon with Pluto and with Saturn. Both these hexagons will affect the whole waning period. Saturn’s hexagon, which will be accurate on the 19th, will affect the whole coming waxing period, as well, although, then, it will affect different parts of our lives. Nonetheless, it will give a huge boosting in visualisations and meditations performed under the influence of the Equinox.

Mars also plays an important and mostly beneficial role in this period. It’s aspects are auspicious, but a very active Mars can make us somewhat impatient and more willing to take unnecessary risks. So, do keep that in mind. But let’s see the blessings it provides us with.

Mars is in a hexagon with the Sun. This was accurate on the 25th of February, but it will be affecting us until the 30th of March, bringing good luck to the brave ones – just don’t confuse bravery with recklessness – raising our determination, self-motivation and enthusiasm, as well as supporting all our efforts.

From the day of this Full Moon and until the 15th of May, Mars will be in an extra-long lasting triangle with Venus. By then, by the way, Mars will have just entered Pisces and Venus, then in Gemini, will have just turned into retrograde motion. This triangle will never become accurate, but it will be affecting us significantly the whole time of its activity. Amongst else, love life receives much support and good luck. Also, sex promotes emotions and vice versa. Although this is a mostly good thing, those enjoying sex with no strings attached, might want to be a bit more mindful during this period and, especially, after the New Moon.

Mars is also in conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto. From the 15th onwards with Saturn, too. Only Mars’ and Jupiter’s conjunction will become accurate during this waning Moon, and on the 20th, the very day of the Equinox, but they all will be blessing the whole waning Moon and the coming waxing Moon period. Manifestation of plans and wishes is highly possible during this period. We need to take action, but magic and good luck will be supporting us and cleansing away the obstacles, more easily than usual. Mars being in a hexagon with Neptune, further empowers magic, too.

These are probably the most important beneficial aspects acting during this period, although there are some more, too.

Overviewing the Full Moon:

So, overall, this is a very beneficial Full Moon. Almost stress free, too. The stars support us as much as they can, so do make the best of this rare opportunity! Overall, Mars’ hyperactivity is probably the greatest challenge we’ll be facing, but it is a beneficial activity, so wisdom is more advisable than alertness.


Full Moon Predictions for Aries:

Money and your finances, in general, receive the major focus of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period, and it is a beneficial focus, too. If you’ve been facing problems and obstacles, there, these issues are vanishing with little effort, now. Some of them, maybe, without even a real effort. In the same time, much progress can be achieved. Creating a more secure and better financial situation is possible.

Work and career matters also receive the support of the stars. Long term decision making and planing regarding those subjects is advisable. Putting in action such plans and decisions is auspicious and receives help and support. Spiritual and artistic careers receive even better energies, but all kinds of jobs and careers will enjoy these blessings.



Full Moon Predictions for Taurus:

This is quite a supportive Full Moon and waning Moon period for you. Not only the ruler of your horoscope is in your zodiac, but, also, many beneficial energies are blessing your zodiac directly. Therefore, more than most, make sure you’ll do the best you can during this waning Moon period. Anything and everything you concentrate your energies and focus on can advance significantly. Work, work related projects and projects to promote secondary careers, or things you’d like to turn to careers receive even more support.

Also, social life can become more active. Some effort on your part is needed for this, but luck will be supporting you, too. Going out more, engaging more actively with co-students, co-workers and people with similar intellectual and spiritual interests can be of great help.


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