Full Wolf Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer – 10 January 2020

General Predictions for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer:

On January 10th, at 19:22 UT, the Moon, from Cancer, accurately opposes the Sun, in Capricorn forming the Full Moon. This Full Moon is, also, a Partial Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The whole phenomenon will last from 17:07:44 UT until 21:12:19 UT and it will be visible from most of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa, but it will affect us all. Mind that, even if the sky is clear, a Partial Penumbral Eclipse is difficult to be observed.



During the period of the phenomenon, the Moon also accurately opposes Mercury, which will add a burden to the effects of this Lunar Eclipse. Saturn and Pluto will also barely be affected, as for them, the accurate oppositions will take place after the end of the Eclipse, but they’ll be almost accurate during the Eclipse (about 1º by the end of it).

Finally, during the waning Moon period, some changes are happening in the sky. For one, Uranus turns back into direct motion a few hours after the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, at 01:48 UT of the 11th of January. Also, Venus enters Pisces on the 13th of the month, Mercury enters Aquarius on the 16th of the month, and finally, the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th.


The inauspicious influences of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

Mercury, from Aquarius, squares Uranus, in Taurus. The precise square takes place on the 18th, but the aspect will be active from the 13th until the 25th; a day after the New Moon. Although Uranus is turning back into direct motion, because of this aspect our mind’s flexibility and ability to adapt to the new situations will still be somewhat restrained. Furthermore, anything that has to do with communications, including emails, and the means of it, as well as whatever has to do with the internet and high-tech and the means of those, can cause us some extra inconveniences and need some extra attention.

The Sun also squares Uranus, accurately so on the 23rd of the month. This aspect will be active from the 14th of this month, until the 2nd of the next. Therefore, it will affect the first half of the waxing Moon, too. This will also affect the internet and high-tech equipment. Those making their living via such means will feel this influence more clearly. Also, investing money on such equipment and services need some extra caution. Especially so until the 25th, when Mercury is still in the game.

Finally, Mars also gives us some stress via two squares: one with Venus and the other with Neptune. These aspects will affect mostly the coming waxing Moon, but they’ll start affecting us, the former since the eve of this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse, while the latter since the 13th of this month. Health, both physical and emotional, needs some extra care. Avoiding dangerous activities, if possible, is advisable. Also, matters of the heart – including, of course, romantic relationships, but not only those – will stress us more and will demand our attention. Healing them can be even more stressful, but is both promising and advisable.


The auspicious influences of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

Thankfully, there is an abundance of beneficial aspects supporting the period.

Mercury’s conjunction with Jupiter ends the day of this Full Moon, but it is in a conjunction with the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. All these aspects become accurate during this waning Moon and they’ll be active, the first until the New Moon, while the other two until a day or two after then. The Sun also conjuncts Pluto and Saturn. Accurately so on the 13th, and both aspects will be active until the eve of the New Moon. Also, as you might have realized, Pluto and Saturn are also in almost accurate conjunction. The accurate conjunction will take place on the 12th of the month, but this aspect is affecting us for over a year now and will keep on affecting us the whole year ahead. Amongst other things, this activity will empower magic and spirituality.

Venus is in a hexagon with Uranus. Accurately so on the 15th of the month, but the aspect is active since the 8th of the month and will be active until the 24th. This can help to heal emotional issues, finding new love – more so, wherefrom we list expect it, and the internet – promoting arts, artistic creation, and all professions of health and beauty.

Venus is also in a hexagon with Jupiter. Accurately so on the 23rd of the month, but the aspect will be active from the 13th of January until the 2nd of February. This, too, will provide, amongst else, a general good luck, good luck in romance and friendships, support and boosting on health, beauty, and the arts.

These are only some of the beneficial aspects of acting during this period, but probably the most important ones.


Overviewing the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

So, yes, this Lunar Eclipse will be more difficult than the Solar Eclipse – for most of us – but it’s still a relatively gentle Eclipse. With no major planet in retrograde motion our ability to adapt to and deal with the changes the Eclipse forces will be better. Still a bit restrained, but better. Since there are a lot of supporting and beneficial aspects acting during this Full Moon and waning Moon period, the general advice is to be cautious and on alert, but optimistic and courageous. Act carefully, but act. This is, by no means, a bad period. The Eclipse challenges it, but it is an overall good period.


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

This Lunar Eclipse can make both career and family more demanding, which can cause you much stress and reduce your you-time and your energy levels. Career receives much support from the Full Moon and the waning Moon period, so it is demanding, but it also is successful. Progress there – quite a significant one, for some – is happening. Home and family, though, don’t receive the same support, so things there can be more difficult. The home may need some repairs, while family members can need some support. In most cases, though, there are no significant problems in your relationships with your family.

Health also receives some stress. Partly because of the stress your career and family put on you. Resting and relaxing as much as possible is advisable. Whether you’ll manage to do it, though, is another issue. Prioritizing wisely your to-do lists can help you find some time to do that. Changes in your health-related habits and, possibly, in your therapists may become necessary, too.


Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

This Lunar Eclipse will stress your finances. Mind that, both the Full Moon and the whole waning Moon period support your finances greatly. Therefore, be careful and wise with your expenses, correct and better your financial policies and your finances are more likely going to get better than suffer damage. Work and career matters are hardly affected, by the Lunar Eclipse, while the Full Moon and the waning Moon period, greatly support them. So, there too, expect progress, with, maybe, some small obstacles.

Vehicles and means of communication and transportation receive some stressful influences. Some repairs may become necessary. Some odd activity is also possible. Being extra careful while on the streets is recommended, too. Your communications, even in person, also need some extra attention, as misunderstandings are rather possible. Friendships and studies also receive some stress. In most cases, though, nothing too dramatic. Changes in schools, teachers, courses and the like are possible, though.


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