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Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Capricon pin – 05 July 2020

Overviewing the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, in Capricorn:

This is the last Eclipse of the Ecliptic period so, although it’s a strong and stressful one, things will start getting better, significantly so, after the 12th of the month, the day of the 3rd Quarter of the Moon. Even more so, as Mercury will be turning direct that very day. The Eclipse will stop affecting us on the 20th of the month, though, the day of the New Moon.

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So, be patient, rest well, relax your schedule as much as possible, be extra careful when driving and travelling, avoid unnecessary trips, too, and be very careful and clear with your communications and things will be easier. Backing up important files is also a good precaution.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

Home, family and career receive stressful energies from this Lunar Eclipse. Furthermore, the two of them tend to stress each other and fight each other, right now, so things can become quite difficult. Finding a good balance and managing to properly take care of both these areas of your life AND yourself can be very challenging, but it’s what you need the most.

Health seems rather stressed by the Eclipse, so prioritise on keeping yourself in good health. Some of health related habits (possibly including prescriptions) might need some change. It would be wise to make these changes from the 13th onwards, whenever this is possible. Other than that, resting and relaxing, as much as possible, and keeping a healthy diet is what you should be doing. Pay attention to your emotional health, too, as it’s equally important. It can also be the key for a good physical health, too.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

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Communications and all means of those, tablets, computers and the like, as well as vehicles receive some stressful influences from this Lunar Eclipse. This is a general phenomenon for this Lunar Eclipse, but it will be truer for you. If possible, postpone repairs and substitution of those until the 13th. Studies, too, receive some stress and schools, or other places of learning, as well as teachers, including spiritual ones, can be in a sort of chaos.

Finances receive some stress, but in most cases, a minor one. Problems in your financial policies might become more obvious. If so, correct them. Otherwise, just be prudent and things will be relatively easy. Friends, siblings, and relatives of the same generation can still stress you with problems they are facing.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

This Lunar Eclipse also stresses your finances. Probably more so than the previous Solar Eclipse. Your other half’s finances, too, receive some stress which can make things even more difficult. Even more so as love life is stressed by the Lunar Eclipse, as well. If you are in a marriage or a relationship make sure you are as calm as possible and don’t add oil to the fire. Sexual life can also be affected, of course. If you keep parallel relationships, be even more careful. Exes and people reminding you of them can appear, or play a role in your life, too. In most cases a more stressful than joyful one.

High-tech equipment receives stress from this Lunar Eclipse for all zodiacs, as we’ve seen in the general section, and Gemini is one of the zodiacs that will experience this more clearly. Back up your important files, and, if possible, avoid repairs and replacement of such equipment until after the 13th.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

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Finances might receive some more stress from this Lunar Eclipse, just like they did during the previous Solar Eclipse. Just like then, though, no serious troubles should be expected. There might be some extra difficulties in earning money, but earning itself is not lesser. If anything, your income is more possible to increase. At least, in the long-term. Work and career matters, too, receive some stress and things in work can become erratic. Job changes are also possible.

Health needs some extra attention. Pay it! In some cases, problems you neglect now can follow you until the next Ecliptic period, or even after then. Love life, too, receives some stress. Your other half might be facing some problems and this might make things between the two of you more intense. If you’ve dealt with the issues the previous Eclipses brought up to your attention, though, things are easier now.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Work is stressed by this Lunar Eclipse and changes can happen in the work environment. This can also mean a new job, or a new position wherever you are working. In most cases, these changes are more stressful than bad. In fact, in the long term, they are beneficial changes. Health, too, receives some stress from the Eclipse and better care of it is advisable. Changes of doctors or treatments are possible, too. Nonetheless, both work and health receive mostly beneficial influences, therefore things are not bad. After the 12th you might actually start seeing a significant improvement.

Finances receive some stress, too. Computers, smartphones and other high-tech equipment can malfunction or act oddly. This is a general phenomenon of this Eclipse but it can be more intense for you. If possible arrange repairs and replacements of such equipment from the 13th onwards.

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