Your Horoscope For Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini – 30 November 2020

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini

Overviewing the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini:

Overall, this is a relatively gentle Lunar Eclipse. The auspicious aspects are more than the inauspicious ones and the retrograde activity is mostly unnoticeable. Nonetheless, an Eclipse always raises tension, and the waning fortnight will be in the middle of an Ecliptic period. Therefore, proceed cautiously, but proceed. Keeping an open mind, and a flexible schedule can also be of help.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Aries:

As we’ve said this is a relatively gentle Lunar Eclipse and that’s even more true for you, as it mostly affects you indirectly. Vehicles and communicational equipment might cause you some troubles and they might need some repairs or replacement. If there isn’t a need, though, don’t replace them now. Your communications, too, need some more attention and a clearer mind. Driving more carefully, too, is recommended. Parents, siblings, and people who play similar roles in your lives can face some problems and this might add to your stress. Also, studies can face challenges, and, in some cases, changes, of course, schools, or teachers might happen, willingly, or not.

Finances, too, receive some stress, and some moderation and extra caution in handling them is advisable. Especially so until the 6th of December. Work, career, and businesses matter, might also face some unexpected challenges, but things there, overall, proceed well and successfully. Finally, magic and spirituality are quite strong during this period and, for you, even more so.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Taurus:

Finances receive some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Problems, miscalculations and mistakes there can become apparent and some changes in your policies might become necessary. Spending less and more wisely is also advisable. As, overall, the planetary scenery is supportive, those changes and “sacrifices” might not be pleasant, but they will benefit you in the long term. Studies, spiritual studies and spirituality, in general can also be challenging and troublesome. Spirituality, though, is extra strong for you, so breakthroughs, there, are possible, regardless. In some cases, they might come when you are not yet ready for them, though. Magic, too, seems extra strong for you.

Siblings, relatives of similar age, and good friends can face some stress, which might disturb your balance, too. In most cases, though this doesn’t directly affect your life, but only your mood. Health needs some extra attention and resting more is advisable. This Lunar Eclipse, though, in most cases, warns you about health issues and sensitivities, rather than cause you new problems. Pay attention to the warnings, for a more challenging Solar Eclipse is coming. Social and love life, on the other hand, might not be stress-free, but they are mostly pleasant.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Gemini:

This Lunar Eclipse is relatively gentle, but you might not experience it this way, since it’s happening in your zodiac sign. So, as a general advice, resting well, relaxing as much as possible, keeping a healthy diet and supporting your mood will be helpful. This will be true for the coming Solar Eclipse and all-but-one eclipses of 2021. Prioritise wisely and don’t take up too much, so that you’ll neither feel the time is hunting you, nor get overtired. Health is sensitive, but not bad. If you’ve been careful so far, and you are extra careful during this Ecliptic period, things will be okay. Nonetheless, problems you’ve neglected, or haven’t taken proper care of might reoccur, or become more intense. In any case, if any health issue occurs, seek the advise of your doctor.

Finances, too, receive some stress and some moderation regarding expenses and some reluctance regarding investments are advisable. Income, though, won’t be affected, or it will be affected only slightly. Furthermore, work can be over-demanding, but it proceeds mostly nicely and successfully.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Cancer:

The ruler of your zodiac is always stressed by an Eclipse, and therefore all Eclipses affect you strongly. This Lunar Eclipse, though, is a relatively gentle one, so, with some caution and wisdom it can be like a breeze for you, in comparison with the previous ones. The Eclipse will force you to redefine and re-establish your inner balance, the way you present yourself in your world and your place in your world.

This might mean a change on your looks, a change of home, or a redecoration, there, a change in your work environment, or a change of jobs, a change of your social circle, etc. All those might cause you some stress while they are realised and happening, but the end result will be a beneficial one. The procedure of achieving these changes is ignited by the Lunar Eclipse but it will, most probably, take a few months to be completed.

Friends and your other half can also cause you some stress. In most cases because of problems they are facing and not because of problems in your relationship with them. On the bright side, for those seeking a new job, or a new relationship, some good luck is supporting your efforts. Things that have been delayed, or have been facing obstacles for some months now, might rush to happen.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Leo:

Computers, smartphones and the like might malfunction, or might need repairs or replacement. Backing up your important files and updating your antivirus and firewall is a good advice, too. Jobs that depend on those can be more challenging, too. Some stress and tension with colleagues, partners and other people and organisations related to your work can also occur. Overall, though, work is more likely to proceed well and successfully, despite the challenges. Therefore, avoid overreacting. Friends and acquaintances can also cause you some stress. In most cases, though, because of problems and challenges they are facing and not because of problems in your relationship with them.

Spiritual life plays an important role in your life under the influences of this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. Try not to challenge the spiritual and karmic laws and avoid, more than ever, any risky practices. A redefinition of your understanding of the spiritual world can also happen. Some disturbance in family and especially regarding parents and older relatives can also occur.

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Predictions for Virgo:

Health receives some stress from this Lunar Eclipse and this waning Moon period. As most of the planetary energies support it rather than stress it, though, if you exercise some more attention and provide it with a better care, it’s unlikely to cause you serious troubles. That being said, driving extra carefully is recommended. Work, career and businesses matters also receive some stress, and changes there can happen. In some cases unexpectedly so, too. Some extra tension with colleagues, partners and bosses is also possible. All these are more likely to simply make things more difficult, rather than stop your progress, though.

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