What Takes Your Relationship To Cloud 9 According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Takes Your Relationship To Cloud 9? This Is What The Stars Reveal

This is what it takes your relationship to cloud 9.

Your stars can reveal how you carry the relationship with your partner by studying several traits and characteristics of each zodiac sign.

Let’s take a look at what takes your relationship to cloud 9 based on each zodiac sign.


(MARCH 21 – APRIL 19):

An Aries is never satisfied even after traveling every day. So, for an Aries, the best way of getting to know his or her partner is by going out to new and rare places on the weekends. Nothing gives an Aries more happiness that exploring new territories and trying out different dating ideas.


(APRIL 20 – MAY 20):

Nothing makes a Taurus feel as heavenly as the constant reminder from his or her partner that their love is pure and strong. Stability is what the Taurus is always after and this is the stability that a Taurus looks for in his or her partner when it comes to celebrating their relationship.


(MAY 21 – JUNE 20):

A Gemini loves to ignite their intelligence quotient on a regular basis, they love deep intellectual conversations. Be it the lover or a group of energetic friends, a Gemini can make each day in the relationship full of surprises, each day can be a new day with a Gemini if they find out that heavenly feeling in a relationship.


(JUNE 21 – JULY 22):

Cancer is quite soft-hearted and prefers to be with someone who would be able to comprehend even the untold words. Cancer takes pleasure out of every simple activity such as making the bed together every morning and reading the newspaper while sipping through hot and steaming coffee.

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(JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

As usual, Leo makes sure that his or her reserved trait does not go unnoticed even if he or she is in a relationship. To a Leo, being happy in a relationship means spending enough quality time with his or her partner. However, at the same time, Leo needs sufficient privacy to carry on striving towards his or her career.



Openness in a relationship gives happiness to a Virgo. A Virgo is comfortable only when he or she knows that his or her partner is loyal to him or her. This enables the Virgo to speak his or her heart out and establish a trustworthy bonding.



A Libra gets along well with almost everyone. This is the reason why a Libra prefers being a relationship in which his or her partner would not curb the freedom that the Libra possessed. This outgoing character of a Libra automatically makes his or her partner very friendly and social.



The Scorpio hates being the detective especially when it comes to getting to know his or her partner. So, dating a Scorpio is like dating that writer who would be constantly noting down each and every information about you. So, a Scorpio likes to know everything about his or her partner, starting from how many times his or her lover flunked Mathematics in school to how many shots of tequila he or she can gulp down at a time.



A Sagittarius never pretends. So, it is not unusual that a Sagittarius loves his or her relationship status when his or her partner does not put on a mask only to impress. With a Sagittarius, a relationship is always upfront in terms of enjoyment as you can be your own self!



A Capricorn is one of the most supportive partners that you can think of getting. This is why a Capricorn is happy in a relationship where the two lovers help each other out to strive and fulfill their ambitions no matter how difficult the situation is.

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An Aquarius is known for his or her creativity and, while in a relationship, an Aquarius sure does know how to make every moment interesting and fascinating. So, to an Aquarius, the bliss visits a relationship if the couple is free to explore and reach out to each other without a tinge of jealousy.



A Pisces is always in a mood of romance; and, when this romance is a little classic and wrapped in its own style, nothing can be as heavenly as hanging out with this lover. So, with a Pisces, romance always gives the couple a sense of happiness that manifests itself in the form of love and affection.

What Takes Your Relationship To Cloud 9 This Is What The Stars Reveal
What Takes Your Relationship To Cloud 9? This Is What The Stars Reveal
What Takes Your Relationship To Cloud 9 According To Your Zodiac Sign

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