12 Zodiac Pairs That Have The Most Complicated Relationships


Complicated Relationships Endured By Twelve Pairs Of Zodiac Signs

Would you choose to run the other way if you could get a heads-up on a difficult relationship? Here are the zodiac pairs that endure the most complicated relationships.

If you’ve ever had a long-distance relationship or an on-again-off-again relationship, you know how complex relationships are.

If you’ve ever had any kind of relationship, watched a movie, or read a book, you know how complicated relationships are with another human.

Relationships are complicated, so why try to make one that is problematic work? There are times when you should call it and move on.

But there are times when, for some reason (maybe sheer will), we keep working on a relationship even when it frustrates, angers, and leaves us in tears.

Is it a point of pride? As if we feel that most people would give up when a relationship got as complicated as the one we’re involved in, but we’re going to make it work even if it kills us?

However much you may want to make a relationship a healthy and successful one, sometimes it’s impossible and all you’re doing with your incessant fixing is making it even worse.

You’re not being lazy or weak if you give up on a relationship, you’re being smart and practical. Sometimes the heart won’t listen to what the mind has to say even if it’s clear to everyone that there’s no way this relationship can last.

Some relationships are doomed to fail before they even get started, while others prove to be beyond challenging.

If there are extenuating factors like children and businesses, and dissolving the relationship would affect more people than just the two involved, then it’s worth it to try and work things out.

Is it smart though to go into a relationship knowing that it’s complicated from the start and will only get more so as time goes on?

If we can avoid being in a relationship that will have endless and unsolvable problems, it might be best to refrain from getting involved.

Astrology can tell us all about zodiac compatibility and which zodiac signs have the most complicated relationships.

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12 Zodiac Pairs That Have The Most Complicated Relationships

1. Aries and Virgo

Let’s talk about what would draw these two together. They’re complete opposites and opposites do attract. Virgo would admire Aries’ confidence and take-no-prisoners attitude. Aries would find Virgo’s brilliance and ability to fix anything very appealing.

However, Aries’ risk-taking and not considering all angles before taking action would drive constant worrier Virgo bananas. If Aries got in a blunt mood and was harsh with Virgo, that could end anything that the two of them had going.

When a fire sign (Aries) and an earth sign (Virgo) get together, it’s difficult for them to understand the other’s behavior and attitude.

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2. Taurus and Scorpio

The sensuality of Taurus and the sexuality of Scorpio would go together well. They both are passionate and careful with their trust, and both can be extremely jealous, which is where the problem would arise.

Taurus isn’t going to understand Scorpio’s jealous behavior and need for payback. These two signs would definitely get into some kind of stalemate with neither one of them giving in.

If they can contain their relationship to the bedroom, a relationship might work out, but outside of it, there’s too much danger in either one of them hurting the other one.

3. Gemini and Aquarius

In some ways, these two are perfectly matched — they’re both free-spirits who love conversation and are highly intellectual.

Both love people, but Gemini is better at being social for the sake of being social; they don’t need to have an agenda behind it whereas Aquarius would prefer if the social event was to raise money for a cause.

Gemini is more adaptable than Aquarius and better at expressing their feelings. Aquarius would rather prefer that no one express their feelings which won’t sit well with Gemini.

What fun is love or happiness if you can’t talk about it? Gemini is known for being inconsistent and Aquarius for being unpredictable and sometimes those two qualities don’t go together well… but then again, sometimes they do.

4. Cancer and Pisces

Both Cancer and Pisces are creative, caring, and sensitive people, but Cancer can get way too involved emotionally, which is something that Pisces doesn’t fully understand.

Also, Cancer is fully aware of how each of their relationships affected them and changed them into the person they are today, and yet, it appears to them that Pisces not only has no recollection of the past, but they never seem to learn from their mistakes.

These two are great partners in a creative sense and work well in artistic projects such as art installations, theater productions, and readings, but the day-to-day relationship work may be challenging for them.

5. Leo and Sagittarius

Both of these signs know how to have a good time and how to make a great first impression. Sagittarius will usually do it with their fantastic sense of humor and Leo with their star appeal.

The thing is that Leo really needs someone who will let them shine and Sagittarius isn’t that great at being a trophy spouse.

When Leo loses their temper and/or gets patronizing, Sagittarius isn’t going to stick around using up all their energy and talents trying to make Leo feel better.

However, these two are both fearless and love to have fun, so they’d make good friends — even good friends with benefits — but a long-term romantic relationship would be complicated.

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6. Virgo and Aquarius

Virgos care what other people think of them and Aquarians do not. Virgos are known for being stable and secure; people who tend to rely on methods that they’ve tried before.

Aquarians like to be inventive and are more than curious about things that are new and untried.

Aquarians tend to frustrate Virgos because they’re too flighty and reckless. However, Virgos do wish they had a little of that freedom that Aquarius has and they admire them.

Virgos like to be around Aquarius because they know they need to be reminded of the possibilities that are out there.

7. Libra and Pisces

Both Libra and Pisces are genuinely kind, caring, and sometimes gentle people. Libras admire Pisces greatly and love spending time with them.

Both signs can be very romantic and tend to idealize love — when both people have their heads in the clouds, it becomes difficult for them to have realistic expectations and goals.

When one or the other shows how real they are, they can drop off their pedestal in the other person’s eyes.

These signs are great in a romantic movie or book but it’s the happily ever after that they have difficulty sustaining. As far as romance goes, they’re perfect for a summer fling but anything long-term will take work.

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8. Scorpio and Leo

Here’s a power couple made for the ages. Both signs are dynamic, fierce, and prideful. People look to them as their leaders and role models.

Scorpio values honesty and passion above all else and Leo doesn’t have such an affiliation to the truth. If they have to fudge it a little to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to make themselves look better, so be it.

Scorpios can get jealous and may not understand that Leo’s intent behind flirting isn’t to seduce someone but to draw them into their orbit.

These two signs tend to be dominant in their relationships which could make things complicated when they try to out-dominate the other one.

9. Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius is a great party guest because they’re so outgoing and friendly, and Libra responds to that.

Sagittarius tend to avoid conflict like Libra; however, their way of dealing with an unpleasant situation is just to get some distance between themselves and the problem.

Sagittarius are fiercely independent which may not go so well with Libra who hates to be alone.

Sagittarius can be rather straightforward and doesn’t have the diplomatic skills of Libra. Libra is too indecisive and Sagittarius too flakey for a relationship between them to last.

10. Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer share many things — both treasure their friends and family, both need a comfortable place that they can call home, and both are reliable.

Capricorn is less emotional than Cancer but is always ready with a strong shoulder to help support Cancer through any emotional turmoil they may be going through.

Cancers can be emotionally needy which Capricorn doesn’t mind if it’s not required of them to be as open with their emotions as Cancer is.

Capricorns tend to be more reserved than Cancers who tend to wear their hearts on their sleeve. As long as the two can form a give-and-take partnership, a relationship (though not without its challenges) is doable.

11. Aquarius and Sagittarius

Here are two signs who love to travel, meet new people, and who don’t need a traveling companion to have a good time. They both appreciate their own independent natures and their partners.

However, what could lead to trouble is how ultimately self-centered Sagittarius can be, especially when coupled with Aquarius’ selfless need to help people.

It’s as if these two start off together but, at some point, veer off in completely different directions, only to end up in two different places.

12. Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces loves to spend time dreaming and thinking about things, whereas Capricorns are much more practical than that.

Pisces tend to be secretive and at times a bit sneaky which may not go over so well with Capricorn.

Pisces are more easily influenced than Capricorn, so for things to work, Capricorn must not use that against the Pisces.

Pisces will always give someone the benefit of the doubt, whereas Capricorn needs evidence that change has occurred.

Pisces are much more trusting than Capricorn and have an entirely different way of looking at life and the world, which could complicate any relationship, let alone one between a Pisces and a Capricorn.

Written by Christine Schoenwald
Originally appeared in Yourtango

We hope you can relate to the article on complicated relationships between zodiac couples. Have you ever been in a bad relationship or a toxic relationship? What are your experiences with intense relationships? Leave a comment below.

12 zodiac couples that endure complicated relationships
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