4 Ways To Fill The Emptiness In Your Life

Ways Fill Emptiness In Your Life

Despite all the luxuries you possess there are times you feel this certain void in your heart, a hollow emptiness which everyone feels at some point but cannot figure out why they feel what they are feeling.

At this point, to assure themselves they lie and blame it on lost love, failure, lack of friends, a broken relationship, boredom or some other reasons which are merely a shell on the real problem.

This feeling of falling in an endless hole with nothing to hold on just makes you lose yourself in melancholy.

The lies which you told yourself to assure yourself of being aware of why you feel this doesn’t take you near to the actual problem. It just casts a shadow and hides the real issue. This feeling of emptiness doesn’t just affect an individual but the whole of mankind.

There is so much chaos and destruction in this world because people in order to fill that void go on seeking confirmation from the outside world and to empty their bottled up frustration which ends up hurting others.

However, none of this solves the problem because the core issue has not yet been addressed. Despite having a good job, decent spouse, all the materialistic possessions you still feel the emptiness, why?

The lack of love for yourself is the answer. There is only one thing that can fill the void, Love. No, not the love of someone else but your love for yourself. Only the love for self can fill that emptiness.

Now when we have diagnosed the problem, let take a look at the cure and treatment, shall we?

1. Gnothi Seauton (Know Thyself)

Take a look inside yourself, dig deep down within yourself to understand your feelings. The reason to feel empty lies within you so if we are to solve the problem we need to understand our self, first. If we were to be self-sufficient and satisfied with our self we would never wander in search of outside confirmation.

Losing a loved one or some tragedy surely makes us feel empty but the constant feeling of emptiness is a sign of something going on deep within you.

While you’re at it, you will have to face your demons and biggest of them all your ‘ego’. Go ahead and show them some love. Once you win over them they dare not take anything more from you.

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2. Let Your Emotions Out

We as humans are endowed with various emotions and while we are at our low these emotions take their toll. We can just move on and keep these emotions bottled up inside us. This practice is unnatural and unhealthy.

We shouldn’t be afraid of how society will look at us when we let our emotions out and express ourselves, society will look down on you anyway. Do whatever that makes you happy. You like to draw, write, sing, dance, drive, just do anything that makes you feel whole, let this be your outlet for the emotions stifled inside you.

3. Love Yourself Beyond Boundaries

When we love someone we go off-limits for them, we ignore all the flaws and set our love free knowing no boundaries, now do this for you. I know this is the most difficult thing to do, when it comes down to loving ourselves self we start counting our flaws. We belittle our self every time by comparing our self with others and constantly seeking societal conformation and trying to fit in their definition of perfect.

It is difficult but you need to walk away from this and commit to loving yourself unconditionally. Everyone makes mistake and so do you, accept them and forgive yourself and learn to enjoy your own company, there is no one who knows you better than yourself, now is the time you get committed to yourself.

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