The Beauty of Feeling Everything Deeply


The Beauty of Feeling Everything Deeply

Watching movies makes you cry, and certain scents give you intense nostalgia. The bubbling excitement of a room draws you in, while the passive aggressiveness of others opens a pit of worry in your stomach.

Being highly sensitive to the world around you can be a curse, especially when others always mock you and say, “You are so sensitive.” Do not scrutinize your ability to feel emotions, because there is an untold and underestimated beauty to feeling everything deeply.

1. Sensing emotion

A lot of people in our lives try to conceal their emotional hurt. For the most part, this goes unnoticed by the common passerby on the street or coworkers. But for a highly sensitive person, you can target the source then understand and resonate with them on an empathetic frequency.

Even if you never say a word to them, something about the way you have found their hidden hurt, acknowledged it with a smile or simple compassionate glance relieves this person immediately.That is why highly sensitive people can connect with others on levels most people will never understand. This is why so many become artists, teachers, counselors, and psychologists.

2. Deep thinking

When distractions are minimalized, feeling deeply also allows for intense inward focus. Because highly sensitive people perceive the world on a much more sensitive scale, every sense and thought require our attention to analyzing correctly.

Otherwise, what we feel becomes a tangle of knotted threads that we cannot make sense of. Being aware of subtleties allows for highly sensitive people to comprehend more about the world than those who do not feel as deeply.

3. Attention to detail

Since highly sensitive people think and feel in another realm, attention to small details, like colors of various threads in clothing, the splashes of blues in the sky during a sunset, the separate spices in a delicious meal, and the taste of juicy fruit have innumerable layers and complexities. This is why those who feel deeply can pick out if an ingredient is missing, or spot the differences between to very similar pictures with ease.

4. Abundant love

With the power to feel intensely, love is something highly sensitive people understand better than anyone else. Not only is the love they give multi-faceted, it is real and overflowing.

Feeling love for everything means wanting to share it with that which is lacking. You will know a highly sensitive person by the way their presence relaxes you and gives you warmth.

Moreover, highly sensitive people are truly conscientious and seek to live healthily. They cannot deal with hunger or fatigue very well, and so they are always trying to keep themselves and those they care for in tip-top shape.

5. Godly intuition

Call it a sixth sense or just the ability to perceive the world through waves of emotion, but highly sensitive people seem to be able to read thoughts and motive better than others.

Knowing when something feels right or wrong guides them through life – and not just from shady salesmen either. Highly sensitive people will let intuition chart their journey around the world, laying the breadcrumbs for fabulous adventures.

6. Imagination

Feeling deeply means receiving inspiration from the world around you all the time. A stray emotion can trigger a sensitive mind to fabricate an epic story while walking through the mall or cause the person to suddenly desire to paint a rainbow.

Highly sensitive people seek out the beauty in daily life, because to them nothing is daily about it. Every day the sunlight filters through the leaves anew.

In the eyes of someone who feels everything deeply, life is a tale of adventure, drama, and suspense. The pages are colored with beautiful illustrations, and the descriptive words ripple through their souls.

Being highly sensitive is not a curse, despite what many may think. Just because those who feel deeply often shed tears, they are the ones who appreciate the beauty of emotions.

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