Quiz: Which Element Are You? Air, Earth, Water, Fire

Which Element Are You

Have you ever thought about which element you are, out of all the four? Well, this element quiz will help you solve that mystery!

There are four main elements each with its own characteristics and personality. Each individual element is associated with different personality types.

The most obvious being fire, which is equated with having a fiery personality and being emotional or hot-headed. Earth types are grounded and have strong maternal, protective instincts. Water people are fluid and laid back, usually healers and oftentimes more balanced. Air types are rational, free-thinkers who can see the big picture more clearly than the other elements types, and so on. Fire people have a deeper sense of compassion and understanding of others.

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By answering these few questions honestly, you can find out which element best represents your heart, mind, and spirit, so try it out to see which element you are!

Which element are you?

Comment your result in the comment section and let others know what you truly represent.

If you want to know more about which element you are, then check out this video below:

Which Element Are You? Element Quiz
Which Element Are You? Element Quiz
Which Element Are You pin

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