Can You Answer These Thoughtful IQ Questions Correctly? -Mind Game

Can You Answer These Thoughtful IQ Questions Correctly?

Are you curious about your intelligence? Do you wanna brag to your friends about how you can solve all of these IQ questions correctly? Or maybe you could just share this game and challenge some of your friends to answer as many as they can.

Can you answer these thoughtful IQ questions using only your mind and nothing else? Don’t use Google or pen and paper. Give it a shot!

Be careful enough to consider the answers well before finalizing it. The answers might not be as simple as it seems.

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How many IQ questions did you get right?

Share your results below.

If you want to know more about Intelligence Quotient or IQ, then check out this video below:

thoughtful iq questions

22 thoughts on “Can You Answer These Thoughtful IQ Questions Correctly? -Mind Game”

  1. I took it 3 times. The first time I got the A+ dubious, I took it again intentionally picking the wrong answers and received an F. The 3rd try I chose the wrong answer every other time and received an A+ again. So, yeah.

  2. Congratulations, you ACED this one! Did you Google the answers to this quiz? We don’t believe you cheated, so that means you are a bonafide genius! Based on the amount of time you spent on each question, we’ve determined you have a real knack for solving thoughtful problems. You are one of the few people willing to put in the time to understand a problem before selecting an answer, and boy did it pay off! Only 3% of test takers do as well as you did and it is impossible to do better than you! Great job!

    We doubt any of your family or friends will do as well as you did, but it will be fun to see their results. Please share this quiz on Facebook so you can see if anyone is as smart as you!

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