8 Optical Illusions: What Did You See First? Your Answer Reveals Your Current Life Situation


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Optical Illusions What Did You See First

Do you want to find out hidden truths about yourself? Take a look at our personality quizzes. So, what did you see first? The answers reveal secrets about you!

Look closely at the images below. And decide what you saw first. Whatever you see will tell you a lot about your perception of life and who you are on the inside. This might mess up with your head but it gives a true reflection of your current state of mind.

What Did You See First Quizzes? 8 Interesting Optical Illusion Tests

It’s never too late to find new things about yourself and work the qualities you don’t possess. Below are optical illusion personality tests to find out your current life situations and some secrets about yourself.

1. Optical Illusion 1

This gives you a true reflection of your current state of mind – reveals your current situation. What did you see first?

What Did You See First? 8 Interesting Optical Illusion Tests
What Did You See First? 8 Interesting Optical Illusion Tests

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw a car

It means you are fixated upon the ideals of freedom and having things your way. The car is also a small part of the picture, so it exemplifies your ability to delve into detail and find out the most meticulous of things in any situation.

This signifies your tendency to brood over the details, and it might, at times, hamper your overall judgment, especially in adverse circumstances. While being detail-oriented can be a good thing, forgetting the bigger picture too often can lead you into making bad decisions.

If you saw a man with binoculars

If you first saw the man with binoculars, you’re entirely concerned with the bigger picture and tend to miss out on important details.

Also since the man with binoculars is the entire image, you may be prone to gathering data in quick glances instead of properly thinking things through. Although being fixated on the bigger picture is usually a good thing, sometimes, details matter too.

If you saw the alphabet A…

The letter A is a lighter color and is thus somewhat difficult to figure out initially. Identifying it first shows you have a rare ability to see things most people miss.

You can be best suited for some detective work where you have to think outside the box to figure out a murder. The least amount of people noticed the alphabet ‘a’ in the picture.

2. Optical Illusion 2

Psychologists suggest the face that you see first in this image hints at some changes you may expect shortly.

First Picture You See Reveals Your Current Situation
What You See First In This Optical Illusion Reveals Your Current Relationship Status

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw the girl

If you’re a girl and see a girl’s face first, you might consider getting ready for happy and positive events in the future. The girl is looking upwards, and you too similarly are looking at the skies with hope in your heart and positivity all around.

Being a girl and seeing a girl’s face also shows you’re content with who you are and at peace with your individuality. It is a sign of confidence.

If you’re a boy and see a girl’s face, you’re fixated on the opposite gender. You tend to be affected too much by what they have to say. And currently, there might be some women in your life that are causing you happiness or distress.

And you’re looking too desperately for validation by them. It’s time you accept yourself as you are, relax and move on. It’s most likely they’re not going anywhere. Your future, however, holds great prospects and professional successes. Focusing on things that matter might just be a good idea right now.

If you saw the guy

If you’re a girl and see a guy’s face, it symbolizes your want for a partner, or the coming of your prince charming soon or maybe your connection with a prince charming you’ve already found. They are occupying quite a bit of your mind, and that’s good. Since the guy’s face shows changes in love life and healthy changes that you need.

If you’re a guy and see a guy’s face, you might be concerned about some guy at work, family, or even your sports team. It can be a good or a bad concern, but that guy can be on your mind, especially when you’re going to sleep. It’s time to put that to rest since it’s just something that will pass and you need not spend more time on it.

3. Optical Illusion 3

crocodile or boat- Reveals Your Current Situation
Crocodile or Boat? – What You See First Reveals Your Current Situation

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw a crocodile

If you see a crocodile first, which is very natural, you’re practical and think about the threats that you might come across in your life. You live a life that’s somewhat cautious if not entirely pessimistic. It also shows your tendency to forget small positive details because of your fixation on the worse. It might be a good idea to go easy on yourself and life.

If you saw the boat

It’s quite difficult to figure out the boat in this picture at first glance, so it shows how you never miss out on small details. It also shows your ability to be creative and find out a unique solution to any problem.

4. Optical Illusion 4

Old Man or Woman Reveals Your Current Situation
Old Man or Woman – What You See First Reveals Your Current Situation

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw an old man

If you see an old man first, you’re an emotional person with high amounts of empathy. For identifying an old man first, you need to see the picture from the right; it shows you’re mostly using your right side of the brain. It shows your creative abilities and artistic nature. You exude self-confidence. You just need to control your impulsive nature and slow down.

If you saw a woman

If you see a woman first, you’re using your left side of the brain. It shows you to be logical and analytical. You tend to think things through before you jump the gun. You are also an optimist with hopes the future will bring good to you. Your positive healing energy can help you in being a source of goodness to the people around you. Only if you can control your perfectionist urges at times.

5. Optical Illusion 5

Pillars or Men Between The Pillars – What You See First Reveals Your Current Situation

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw the pillars

If you see the pillars in this image, you’re in a state of mind where your thoughts or perceptions about the world are keeping you from achieving all that you want in life. You’re currently in your comfort zone, and you will soon have to step out of it if you want to get to that light at the end of the tunnel. It also shows you to be a dreamy kind of person who often tends to miss out on details.

If you saw men between the pillars

If you saw the silhouettes of men before the pillars, it shows you are not bound by anything and are a mostly people-oriented person. You tend to take things that people say to your sensitive heart and focus on the behaviors of individuals.

6. Optical Illusion 6

faces or candlestick Reveals Your Current Situation
The faces or The candlestick – What You See First Reveals Your Current Situation

This image is commonly known as the ‘Rubin’s vase,’ because of the psychologist who first came up with it to show how people’s perceptions of the world differ. Later on, it was used by doctors to figure out what prompted people to see the vase first and others to see the faces first.

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw the faces

If you see the faces first, you are influenced by external stimuli and are somewhat of an extrovert who derives his energies from his surroundings. It would do you much good to surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive instead of those who are hell-bent on criticizing your actions.

If you saw the candlestick

It shows your inclinations towards an introverted way of life wherein you derive your energy and motivations from within. You can be a high achiever if you can only overcome your concerns.

7. Optical Illusion 7

Optical Illusion Images: 8 Personality Quizzes

This picture might look like it’s a collection of jumbled up images but looking more precisely, you can make out some shapes in this picture.

This simple experiment uncovers how your brain is wired and how mentally agile you are. Depending upon the kinds of animals you can spot, and how quickly, this image gauges your creativity, wisdom, your interests and your will to be free.

Take a long look at the image and identify the animals you see. You may see more than one animal but the time it took you to figure out the animals is what matters since most people have all these mental abilities, the difference arises in which one is dominant.

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw the crab and the bird

8 Optical Illusion Personality Tests Reveal Your Current Situation

If you see the crab and bird first, you have good nature with an excellent sense of humor. Though you might be reclusive at times, it’s because you need to regenerate.

If you saw the horse…

This image was identified by those who were more of a free spirit and independent nature.

If you saw the dolphin

If you see the dolphin, you are more of an artistic person with a unique way of perceiving the world as a whole.

If you saw the bear

People who can identify both of these for the first time are more sensitive than your average and are more in tune with their emotions.

If you saw the puppy

Seeing the puppy first means that you are kind and generous. You live your life to the fullest. You also have a naturally nurturing personality.

If you saw the ducklings… 

Seeing these means you’re detail-oriented and focus on the meticulous things more often. You tend to pay close attention to things others miss out.

8. Optical Illusion 8

Skull or Woman Reveals Your Current Situation
Skull or Woman – What You See First Reveals Your Personality

Results – What Did You See First?

If you saw a woman

The woman is in a position with her knees bent and she’s doubled forward with her hands on her head. This is a position where she’s possibly trying to defend herself or maybe avoiding detection by an onlooker.

Seeing a woman is a sign of mental fatigue or inner regret. Presently, you might be facing some difficult times of your life and possibly dreading a major change coming your way. You perceive this change as something which can turn your entire world upside down.

Choosing the woman can also be a sign of a toxic relationship wherein your partner is a source of worry and unhappiness for you. They’re preying on your good energy and not giving you your much wanted space.

It is about time you let go of the things draining you and focus on doing the best you can. It’s a good time to quit overthinking and just follow your passions. Change, any kind of change, is always for the better and if it’s inevitable, you’d do better to just accept it and mold yourself according to it.

If you saw a skull

You are currently in a situation where life is throwing you challenges that are making you wise. Dealing with these challenges will make you better equipped since you will gain wisdom and strength. Just keep in mind that there are no obstacles, only stepping stones which can make you your best self.

The skull also shows that you work hard but are often left unappreciated.

So, which among these personality quizzes is your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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8 Optical Illusion Personality Tests Reveal Your Current Situation
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Optical Illusions What Did You See First Reveals Current Life
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