Only Americans With A Ph.D. Got 10/10 In This IQ Test

Americans With PhD Got IQ Test

IQ can be a very interesting topic to talk about, right? Some people have a really high IQ, whereas some, not so much. But how can you accurately judge who has a high IQ, and who doesn’t? Well, to make things easier try out this IQ test to find out just how intelligent you are, as according to a study, only Americans with a Ph.D. got 10/10 in this! So, up for the challenge?

The average human IQ is considered to be 100, and IQ of 140 is supposedly genius. Interestingly, it doesn’t end at 140; there are many people in this world who have an IQ that’s much higher than 140. For example, Jacob Barnett has an IQ of 170. Sho Yano, an IQ of 200. And Marilyn Vos Savant, has an IQ of a whopping 228! So you see, everyone’s IQs will vary. All you need to do is take this IQ test to know where you stand.

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Having a Ph.D. means investing many years of your life in the pursuit of knowing better and doing better in the dynamic field of academics. So naturally, the Americans who got 10/10 in this IQ test turned out to be nothing short of Ph.Ds. But don’t lose hope, as you might also end up cracking this IQ test because you never know!

So, are you going to join the ranks of greats such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Marilyn Vos Savant and Stephen Hawking? Or are you going to be not so lucky when it comes to your grey matter?

Take this challenging but fun quiz to find out how high your IQ is!


Share this quiz with friends and family, and see how much they rank in the IQ spectrum. Let us know your results and thoughts in the comments down below!

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Only Americans With A Ph.D. Got 10/10 In This IQ Test

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    Don’t believe this one
    I purposely put wrong answers in all the questions but still got 10/10

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