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An Easy Mindset Hack To Attract Love

Easy Mindset Hack To Attract Love

Are you wondering how to attract love? What to do so that he loves you again? There’s something simple I want to share that has given me a huge payoff

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchhill

I used to be 80 lbs overweight.

For several years, I struggled to lose the extra flab.

I went on Jenny Craig (and ate the month’s meal kit in a week).

I tried going to the gym twice a day (then got really, really ravenous).

I starved myself (and then binged later since I was so hungry).

But it seemed like doing MORE things just made the problem worse. And, as the failures stacked up, it just made me feel worse.

At one point, I thought maybe I would have been better off if I had just accepted it.

On the surface, problems like my weight or my dumpster fire marriage seemed to have a logical solution.

“Fix this, then experience that result.”

“Eat less, lose weight.”

“Have the perfect conversation and he will love you again.”

But you and I both know it usually doesn’t go like that. I WISH it did.

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Success is slippery. It’s never only about the reality you want to manifest. There’s more mindset work that is downright tricky to nail down.

Because the paradox is that the harder you try and the more you fail, the worse you feel. But the worse you feel, the harder it is to manifest what you want.

Same with my weight.

Same with manifesting love.

Every time I’ve had BIG success with something, I’ve attacked it from all angles.

The MOST tricky part of my big successes was always 2 things:

  1. Surrendering the tricky desire and cravingness around what I wanted.
  2. Consistently programming my mind with the new mindset I wanted to have but didn’t right now.

That’s why there’s something simple I want to share that has given me a huge payoff.

You know I’m going somewhere with this, so I’ll spill details.

It’s a guided meditation.

meditation as a way to attract love
An Easy Mindset Hack To Attract Love

What made me try again and not totally give up and accept my weight?

Guided meditation.

What made me able to get over my divorce and manifest new love quickly?

You guessed it. Guided meditation.

I’ve consistently used guided meditation along with inspired effort that works to achieve big goals.

Don’t think I’m telling you that all you have to do is sit and meditate and everything will change.

No. You sit and meditate and you’re finally ready to change everything. For keeps. And so much easier. Without feeling haunted by loss and grief.

Then you get the extra, added satisfaction of knowing you were the one who did it. It didn’t fall out of the sky. You know that you did it the first time and you can do it again if necessary.

Which makes you feel so much better after getting rejected or being told you’re no longer worthy of someone’s love.

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It’s a big, huge deal. And it’s all so simple and easy to do.

Maybe you already meditate.

Also, you can find hundreds of guided meditations about everything under the sun.

But for love, I’ve never found anything like my own.

Are you ready to attract love?

Check out my love meditation here.

Written by: Elizabeth Stone
Originally appeared on:
and is republished here with permission.

Easy Mindset Hack To Attract Love Pin
An Easy Mindset Hack To Attract Love

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