What Is Your Most Dominant Character Trait? – Mind Game

We all exhibit a number of different personality traits that make up our overall character. They are a mix of both good and bad thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. A person’s character is distinctive and comprised of their own unique mental and moral qualities. In turn, these aspects influence our behavior in the situations that we face daily, as well as how we interact with other people.

It follows that out of all the character traits we have, one is the most dominant. That trait is what forms your overall disposition and governs practically all of your behaviors. Other people you meet often get a sense of who you are based primarily off of this dominant trait as well.

Which character trait of yours do you think stands out them most? For some it happens to be sensitivity and they can relate to what other people are feeling and going through on a deeper emotional level than those who are less sensitive. Others are inherently trustworthy and can always be counted on as a reliable and dependable friend that you can turn to. These are just two examples out of the many other types of people in our lives who each has a defining trait that makes them who they are. To find out what your own dominant character trait is take this quiz, and as always have fun and enjoy!



What is your most dominant character trait? let us know in the comments below

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What Is Your Most Dominant Character Trait? - Mind Game
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