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Dear Best Friend

Dear Best Friend

It’s comprehensible, I have lost rights to use these words,

Yet, as I type, solitary part of my heart hurts.

I know, these words may sound made up, temporary or fake,

Still I vow that with agony, I shake.


I still remember our initial meet,

A moment to cherish, comforting enough to breathe.

It was those few moments it hit my mind,

I wanted you as a needy demanded a dime.

Your existence grew on me,

Just like a leaf sprung on to a tree.

Gradually you became the warmth of my blanket,

My thoughts, my dream and my habit.


With the time, I grew so fond,

The happy soul had spawned a bond.

A relationship with no boundaries, limits or ends,

I was proud to entitle you my best friend.

When the night arrived and duty called,

We cried, we laughed, we shared it all along.


The long conversation, the nonsense chats,

Who knew this was the result of a basic chitchat?

This is when the “like” turned into “love”,

Giving you the position with nothing above.

Mentioning you in every conversation,

I was proud to declare it a happy relation.


But as they say a coin has 2 sides,

Circumstances twisted and one of them had to abide.

Accepting it without any hardships,

One end of the rope started to slip.

Able enough to keep it strong,

You accepted my corrects even though they were wrong.


Blinded enough not to see,

You were there all along, I just stung you like a bee.

Still keeping your cool through the heat,

My actions were a sinful deed.


Yet putting your emotions aside,

You aided me by still shinning bright.


Losing my respect, anger and temper,

My complains penetrated your skin just like a dagger.

Ignoring the result. I raged,

Not long, before I trapped myself in the cage.

Now our foundations are split,

Not a moment passes by without the guilt.

The difference is

Now you are gone, I wont be born.

Considering myself the victim of my action,

Today as I write this, I am reduced to a fraction.


As I reach out to the end of this blog, there are moments in your life, when, just one mistake will all it take, to lose someone. Someone you love, adore. Maybe they were your family, friends, an inanimate object.. Yet the importance of it is only realized after it is snatched from you.

I know these words don’t mean enough to be accepted as an apology. I realize my mistakes are unforgivable. I would like to send my sincere apologies to 2 of my closest friends, who in the past week have been through my stupidity and also to all my brothers, colleagues and my friends  “I Am Sorry”

If you want to address this message to any of your lost mates, then share it let them feel the value of friendship before its too late.

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