Are You One Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs? Find Out Here!

The Craziest Zodiac Signs: Signs' Crazy Quotient Revealed

Do you think you are crazy for giving your ex a second chance? Let me tell you this, the craziest zodiac signs can shock you with their antics!

We all have distinct features that define us as people. This is partly because of the zodiac sign we belong to. We mostly hang around with people who are of the same kind and peacefully co-exist with those who are most similar to us.

Some of us are practical, while some tend to be on the edge. So, how crazy are the zodiac signs?

Before asking yourself “How crazy am I?”, consider this; aren’t we all get crazy sometimes? But let’s find out how crazy you are, based on your zodiac sign!

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Which Are The Craziest Zodiac Signs?

Here is a complete list of the crazy zodiac signs and their crazy quotient:


(March 21 – April 20)

Aries people are courageous and confident beings who are always very strong and motivated. They are ready to face any challenge and are reliable as friends and lovers. But being a fire sign they can be short-tempered and volatile. As per the zodiac signs’ crazy meter, they are crazy indeed but they are also very passionate and they apologize after they mess up.


(April 21- May 21)

Taurus people have a warm personality. They are loving, and broad-minded but sometimes stubborn. Taurians are the kinds of friends who will argue over every matter but will have your back at the darkest hour. They are not one of the craziest zodiac signs.


(May 22- June 21)

Geminis are indecisive individuals who can be wildly fun and lead the toast when it comes to partying. For them, life is a big party, a never-ending quest to find pleasure in life. This is the air sign that takes the cake for being the craziest. Most Geminis will head to the underground with their friends and hang out in the club.


(June 22- July 22)

Cancer is ruled by the moon and has shifting moods that make them fiercely loyal. They are homebodies that can survive through every obstacle. These are the hottest and coldtest people who text you at one time as people who love you and the next time they can message you with strange texts denouncing their allegiance.

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(July 23- August 21)

Leos tends to rub people in the wrong ways. They can be arrogant and loud and love to be the center of attraction. They can often go to local bars trying to be obnoxious and drunk. They aren’t the sanest of signs and rank high on the crazy scale.


(August 22- September 23)

Virgos rank high on the crazy meter and are unable to give up control. They remember every detail and work hard to achieve perfection leaving most others bewildered. They will take credit for other’s work and have a fascination for adopting dogs and pets. They conquer highly stressful situations even if that means throwing someone under the bus to receive recognition.


(September 24 – October 23)

Librans are balanced individuals. They love to live in harmony but are rational and diplomatic souls. The dark side of a Libran comes out when they are hunting for a mate. You should take heed and back the hell up if a Libran is vying for attention with others in getting a girl on board.


(October 24- November 22)

Scorpions are the most serious of signs. They do not show craziness often. They might be at ease with you but the next day they might turn against you and are sensual to the core. They make amazing lovers.


(November 23- December 22)

Sagittarius people are relatively boring. They are always searching for truth and independence. They often value freedom too much and can burn family and friends in the process.


(December 23- January 20)

Capricorns thrive in professional settings because of their organized and hard-working nature. They have an amazing drive and love to take up challenges and combat intelligence. They apply a lot of control to their personal lives, picking a restaurant and movie according to their own choices disregarding others. It is their way or the highway!

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(January 21 to February 19)

Aries people stand somewhere in between when it comes to being exceptionally at ease with living a charmed and exciting life. These crazy beings don’t mind being a little selfish when they desire to achieve something. With a water sign, they open the door for a stranger and then curse the dentist over incorrect billing while bad-mouthing those who serve their purpose the least.


(February 20 – March 20)

Pisceans are the least crazy in ways that are not comparable to other signs. They are admired for being honest and reserved. Pisceans can be depended upon in all situations. These kind-hearted water signs can extend their warm hand of friendship and apologize for all wrongdoing excessively and that makes them the sanest of all zodiacs.

What Is Your Crazy Meter According To The Zodiac Signs?
How Crazy You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign
How Crazy You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign
How Crazy You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign
crazy zodiac signs
crazy zodiac signs

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