Why Our “Common Sense” View Of Time May Be False

Why Our Common Sense View Of Time May Be False

None of this seems to make any sense.

How could the past and the future possibly exist side by side with the present? It also poses philosophical problems. For example, if the future is laid out before us, what does it say about free will?

But why should everything make sense to us?

In my view, there is nothing more irrational than the attitude of dogmatic skepticism, which insists that human beings already understand the rudiments of reality and that any anomalous phenomena can be explained away as illusions. We should accept that there are some aspects of reality that are beyond our comprehension. And perhaps more than any other phenomenon, this is true of time.

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Written by:Steve Taylor, Ph.D 
Originally appeared on:Psychology Today
Republished with permission
Why Our Common Sense View Of Time May Be False PIN
Why Our "Common Sense" View Of Time May Be False
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