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50 Common Red Flags At The Beginning Of A Relationship as Told By Our Readers

Red Flags Relationship as Readers

35. Over affection, seeming to be Mr/Mrs right, No consistent job for a long time, catching them out in lies, excessive drinking/smoking, being dismissive of your feelings, explosive or overreaction….unable to control their anger or words.
– Jaime Penney

36. No respect for boundaries but pushes their desire in a way that either intimidates, or makes the recipient feel dumb for the boundaries they set.
– Debi Carlson

37. Telling all kinds of negative stories of their exes and they are always the victim.
– Crystal Erickson

38. Always making excuses, he or she doesn’t make time for you.
– Carolina Geoff

39. Talking over you and not actually listening to what you are saying.
– Sean O’Mahoney

40. Basic things that you love and couldn’t live without that the other person has no respect for.
– Pat Bushong

41. How they treat animals.
– Tim Brewster

42. When they never ask anything about you or what’s going on with you. They only talk about themselves and their daily lives.
– Krystal Brent

43. Inconsistency, is different around other people, negative, always telling you what you could be doing better.
– Samantha Simmons

44. Victimizing themselves all the time.
– Anna Spiropoulos

45. Keeping the relationship secret.
– Ymari Ramos

46. How they treat service people.
– Jean Batchelder Overton

47. Expressing love right away, pushiness for sex.
– Lisa Messmer

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48. Subtle belittling or sarcastic comments disguised as “only jokes”.
– Claudia Urbina

49. Uh, abuse! Such as isolation – keeping a person from their close friends or family! First sign of abuse.
– Linda S. Doering

50. Inconsistent behavior.
– Tarita Hallman

A red flag at the beginning of a relationship shouldn’t be ignored. If you recognize any of the things mentioned above in your relationship, then beware that it is a Red flag which definitely shouldn’t be buried. Take your time and think over it before you plunge deeper into the relationship.

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50 Common Red Flags At The Beginning Of A Relationship as Told By Our Readers
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