5 Social Media Habits That Are Toxic To Any Relationship


social media habits that are toxic to any relationship

Social media has blown up in recent times, and how! It has become a part of everyone’s lifestyle, and an integral part of communication in these modern times. Even though social media has its pros, sometimes its cons tend to overshadow them, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

There are a few problematic social media habits, that can threaten to disrupt the peace, and stability of your relationship if you don’t handle them in time.

Unfortunately, people, these days have become unhealthily dependent and addicted to social media for literally almost everything. Nothing in excess is ever fine, and the same goes for this too. Searching for, and being with the right partner is a tough task in itself, and if you factor in the juggernaut, which is social media, complications are bound to arise. With everyone just a click away on social platforms, how secure can you or your partner be in your relationship really?

Questions like why is she always on her phone? Does he talk to his ex behind my back? Does she stalk other good-looking men on Instagram? How can I be sure that he is not befriending and flirting with other women on Facebook? And the list goes on. Excessive usage of social media can indeed wreak havoc on your relationship, cause a lot of insecurity, and severely damage it.

In order to help you understand how all this can negatively affect your relationship, we have compiled a few social media habits that serve as signs that your partner is feeling unhappy in the relationship.

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5 Social Media Habits That Makes Your Partner Unhappy

1. Stalking, And Looking Up Ex-Partners.

This is one of the most problematic, and honestly horrible social media habits that some people tend to indulge in. Isn’t it going to be a concerning thing for your partner, if they are lying beside you, and you are busy looking up your ex-partners? Social media means, you can locate anyone with just a few clicks, and get the chance at taking a peek into their personal lives.

Even though technology and social media have successfully bridged the gap in bringing people closer, misuse of it can spell trouble. No person is going to like seeing their partner still hung up on their ex, and regularly going through their social media handles. This can end up breeding a lot of insecurity, bitterness, and jealousy, which honestly in such a situation is completely normal.

If you notice your partner doing this, then call them out on it, and establish transparent communication with them, about how this habit of their bothers you, and makes you trust them less. Make them understand that instead of focusing on their past, they should focus on the present.

2. Oversharing Personal Details.

If you want to have a happy, and fulfilling relationship, you need to put in the effort every single day to make it stronger. That is the only way to have a strong, and healthy relationship. Even though intimacy and relationships can be hard work sometimes, healthy boundaries are paramount to making them stay on the right path.

In case your partner is oversharing on social media about your relationship, and talking publicly about it, then it is clearly a violation of your trust, and the respect of the relationship. Airing your dirty laundry can make it all the more challenging to work through all that stuff that is serving as roadblocks to progress in your relationship. Your personal life with your partner deserves a lot of respect, and constantly talking about it on social media, can make it seem cheap.

Whatever problems that you both might be having, you should try to resolve them in private; not everyone needs to have a front-row seat to your troubles. Making your problems public on social media is never going to solve them, it is just going to make it more complicated, and tougher to deal with. So respect the sanctity of your relationship, and deal with it behind closed doors.

Social media habits
Social media habits

3. Addiction To Social Media.

This is probably one of the most common social media habits that end up causing a lot of problems in relationships. Even though it might seem harmless, and not that big of a deal initially, after a point it can get extremely frustrating watching your partner spend all their time on Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.

Studies have shown that excessive use of social media can cause serious problems in romantic relationships, even sometimes leading to breakups and divorce. One of the most familiar reasons that lead to serious conflict is jealousy. Social media is notorious in showing the “perfect” lives of people, and some people (who are constantly on social media) end up comparing some strangers’ lives with their own. This mentality can be unfair to the other person.

Using, and enjoying social media is not a crime, but if the most part of your day is spent browsing and scrolling, then it becomes a problem. Your partner feels ignored and isolated by you. Always focus on what you have now, instead of getting lost in the toxicity of social media. Look towards your partner, and spend some quality time with them instead of constantly staring at your phone.

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4. Trying To Make An Ex-Partner Jealous.

Yes, people still do this. Sometimes, they post updates, and certain pictures just to catch the attention of their ex, and make them jealous. If you see your partner doing this, it will obviously feel extremely hurtful, and insensitive. And not to forget, so unfair to you. Is there really any point in keeping your ex in your friend list, even after you have broken up, and moved on to a new relationship?

If you are someone who is in a relationship with a person like this, it will naturally feel very disrespectful, and the relationship will end up being a three-person relationship – you, your partner, and their ex.

Communicate to your partner how all of this is hurtful and disrespectful towards you, and that they need to stop doing this if they want to continue to be in a serious relationship with you. Being with a partner who is still hung up on their ex is not a healthy relationship in any way, and that they need to treat you better, and with the respect you deserve.

5. Engaging Too Much With Strangers.

Noticing your partner conversing, and engaging with absolute strangers on the internet can be a cause of concern. If they are constantly talking about people you have never heard of, confusion reigns supreme. This can lead to you not trusting your partner, and constantly wondering if they are up to something dubious behind your back.

And even if they are not cheating on you, you might feel apprehensive about them talking to people they don’t know at all. Because at the end of the day, it is not always possible to gauge the other person’s motives just by sitting in front of the computer screen.

In such cases, the best option is to approach your partner and talk to them about this openly. Let them know that this social media habit of theirs is bothering you to no end, and you are feeling extremely concerned. If their motives are not wrong, they will always provide you with a reasonable explanation, and might even end up introducing you to these new people.

When it comes to handling your relationship, always remember to be a transparent communicator, as this will help both of you understand where the other person stands. Being on the same page is crucial for building a healthy relationship. So, if your partner is engaging in these social media habits, then simply talk to them about it. Never underestimate the power of communication and a clear conversation.

Social Media Habits Red Flags Unhappy Relationship Pin
social media habits that are toxic to any relationship pin

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