Christmas Test: The First Word That You See Can Say A Lot About Your Personality

Christmas Test: First Word You See Reveals Your Personality

Christmas is almost here, and I just can’t contain my excitement anymore. So I thought, why not have some fun and try out something interesting? Personality quizzes and tests were always popular and this Christmas test is going to blow your mind, be rest assured.

This Christmas eye test can reveal a lot about your and your personality. All you have to do is take a look at this Christmas word puzzle and see the first word that catches your eye. The first word you see describes you and can say a lot about your personality and who you are as an individual.

So, are you ready to check out this Christmas personality test? Let’s find out!

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Christmas Test: The First Word That You See Can Say A Lot About Your Personality

1. Luke

Christmas Test Luke

If you saw the word Luke first, then you are someone who is a loyal friend and a committed partner. You are a very family-oriented person who loves to organize and host big family dinners and get-togethers, and Christmas is your favourite holiday. Every year on this occasion, you go all out when it comes to gifts, decorations, food, and of course the tree.

You love spending time with your friends and family, and nothing makes you happier than taking care of them. Emotional, sensitive, compassionate, and strongly attached to your loved ones – you are someone on whom everybody depends.

2. Jesus

Christmas Test Jesus

If you saw the word Jesus first in the Christmas eye test, then you are someone who is extremely kind, compassionate, and generous. You never think twice before helping someone and you truly have a golden heart. Being the kind-hearted person you are, you always try to spread love and cheer wherever you go.

For you, Christmas is a feeling, more than a celebration with gifts. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t like to pamper your loved ones with gifts because you always want to show how important they are to you.

Apart from your family, you also like to show your kindness towards the less privileged, by donating food, clothes, and money to homeless people and shelters.

3. Glory

Christmas Test Glory

If you saw the word Glory first, then you are an outgoing person and the life of the party wherever you go. You love bringing everyone together and having a good time, and no matter who you meet, they love spending time with you. Your extroverted and lively personality makes everyone feel comfortable with you, even people who meet you for the first time.

Making sure that people are comfortable and are having fun is something you take very seriously. For you, it’s not just having fun yourself, but everybody should have a good time. Whenever you see things getting uncomfortable, you are quick to diffuse the tension with humor and lightheartedness.

Because of your fun-loving personality, it’s no wonder that everyone loves you and loves spending time with you!

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4. Mary

Christmas Test Mary

If you saw the word Mary first in this Christmas personality test, then you are a unique and incredibly special person. You bring joy and happiness wherever you go, and people love and admire you for that. You are an extremely positive and pure-hearted person, and children and adults all love you alike.

For you, making your loved ones feel happy and special matters the most, and you leave no stone unturned in making sure of that.

Even though you are not really a materialistic person, and don’t believe that gifts are the be-all and end-all of everything, you still enjoy getting gifts for your family and close friends. You always get the perfect gifts for everyone, and all you care about is making them feel special.

5. Highest

Christmas Test Highest

If the first word you see in his Christmas test is Highest, then you are someone who always pretends not to care about Christmas, but the moment you see all the decorations and lights go up, your heart starts to sing with joy. You may pretend to be a Grinch on the outside, but you are actually Buddy The Elf on the inside!

Once the holiday season is here, you end up having the best time. Spending time with your family and friends, shopping for gifts, decorating the tree, singing carols, and stuffing your face with delicious food – you do it all.

6. Immanuel

Christmas Test Immanuel

If you saw the word Immanuel first, then you are a very spiritual and religious person, who believes in the power of God. You strongly believe that God is always with you, and no matter what happens, He will always stand by you and help you deal with every challenge in life.

For you, it is not about the material gifts you receive, it’s more about what you get. Your firm belief in the Higher Power pushes you to make it a spiritual and traditional affair.

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7. Angels

Christmas Test Angels

If you saw the word Angels first, then you are a person who is very close to their friends, and your friends are everything to you. You always give your best when it comes to them, and you always stand by them whenever they need you. Making them feel special is one of your favorite things to do in this world.

When it comes to Christmas, you prefer spending it with your close friends and family members reminiscing about happy memories, exchanging gifts, and enjoying some delicious food together. That is the best kind of Christmas for you.

What is the first word you see in this Christmas word scramble? What did this Christmas test reveal about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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    what if you saw low on the crossward puzzle, i immediately saw the word low…on the first line…

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