Children Inherit These 7 Things ONLY From Their Fathers

Children Inherit These 7 Things ONLY From Their Fathers

5.  Color of the eye

Eye color is a lottery. One of your parents might have beautiful hazel or blue eyes and you’d be stuck with dark brown.

Sounds unfair, but that’s the reality for all of us. Eye color is said to be influenced by both the parents, but in most cases it has been found that the father is the one whose genes have more sway.

Although one fact that trumps both the sides is that, genes which cause dark colored eyes is more dominant than the light colored ones, and therefore if one of the parent has darker shade of the eyes then the child will also have dark eyes.

6.  Infertility

You’d think if someone is infertile, the issue of them passing anything on to their children is practically non-existent. Well, it would have been the case around a hundred years ago.

But today, thanks to technology and advances in medical sciences there are ways in which people can get around infertility to conceive.

IVF is one of the popular techniques for the same. However it was found that male children who were born through this method had a much lower sperm count compared to those who had natural births.

So it seems that the idea of a father passing on his infertility is not that far-fetched.

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7.  Gender

This is perhaps one of the better known facts, and if it isn’t it definitely should be. The gender of the child is determined solely by the father.

Females have the XX chromosome and males have the XY chromosome. Depending on whether the sperm is carrying the X or the Y chromosome while infusing with the egg, the child would be a girl or a boy respectively.

So it all comes down to the father when it comes to the gender of the children, because the dominant chromosome in his sperm makes up for the combination of the chromosomes which decide the gender.

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