The Reason For Sudden Behavioral and Personality Changes in Kids

The Reason For Sudden Behavioral and Personality Changes in Kids

What can you do if your child’s personality and behavior have suddenly changed – and what is behind the shift?

Around the world, parents are experiencing situations where their children go from angels to demons – seemingly overnight.

Often there seems to be no triggering factor for this change, and the contrast in behavior can be extreme, in many cases leaving parents at their wit’s end.

The Reason For Sudden Behavioral and Personality Changes in Kids

It’s Not Your Fault

Before we even go into what is happening with your child, we need to deal with what you’re experiencing as a parent.

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As a society, we place an enormous amount of importance on our roles as parents, which comes with multiple layers of internal and external stress and pressure.So when your child starts really acting out and you can’t gain control of the situation, you tend to beat yourself up enormously. That’s probably where you are right now in fact.

So stop, take a deep breath into the pit of your stomach and then breathe it out hard. Let your body relax and collapse down as you hear me:

Let go of the guilt!

As we’re about to unpack, even if you were the best parent in the world, you wouldn’t be able to help your child with this – in fact, probably only a handful of people around the world can.

So stop beating yourself up about what you have NOT done, and take responsibility for what you can do – which is arm yourself and your child with the resources and tools you both need to make it through this trying time.

A Rapidly-Changing World & The 2012 Mayan Shift

You don’t need to look far nowadays to find proof of the fact that we are experiencing a spiritual renaissance around the world.

Regardless of religion, many are experiencing a renewed sense of connection to everything, to a power greater than them, and many are living their lives according to these new principles – often making dramatic and sudden changes to their lives.

At the most overarching level, this is what is impacting your child and causing their behavior to change.

The 2012 Mayan Shift was not about the end of the world, but the end of an age in the world and the renewed cosmic connection is a sign of what the new age on earth will herald and bring for us.

In line with this, souls, like those of Christ, Mohammed, and Buddha, have been sent to the Earth in order to assist with this energetic change. It’s the part of the reincarnation process and aligned with what we term our soul purpose… the sole purpose of these children is to help prepare the earth for that new change and energy that will be the age of enlightenment.

All will be called, but only a few will answer. Of those that answer even fewer stay the course.

But they all go through the beginning stages of overwhelm when they first do get called – and that’s what’s currently impacting your life.

How Does It Work?

It’s a two-fold process, where both parts of the process accelerate the other.

Firstly, there’s the morphic or holographic field. Scientists who formulated the process of kinesiology back in the 60s first discovered the morphic field.

Basically the morphic field is like the Internet of all knowledge and your body is a device that can upload and download information to and from that field. This is how kinesiology returns the same answers and results across various subjects – the answers lie in the field.

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