What Causes Sudden Changes In A Child’s Personality And Behavior?


What Causes Sudden Changes

Sudden change in child behavior or personality is a concerning issue and parents need to evaluate it immediately by a professional to understand them and what they’re going through.

What can you do if your child’s personality and behavior have suddenly changed – and what is behind the shift?

Around the world, parents are experiencing situations where their children go from angels to demons – seemingly overnight.

Sudden Change In Child Behavior: Signs in Child Personality

Often there seems to be no triggering factor for this change, and the contrast in behavior can be extreme, in many cases leaving parents at their wit’s end.

How Do Parents Influence Their Child’s Behavior?

Before we even go into what is happening with your child, we need to deal with what you’re experiencing as a parent.

As a society, we place an enormous amount of importance on our roles as parents, which comes with multiple layers of internal and external stress and pressure. So when your child starts acting out and you can’t gain control of the situation, you tend to beat yourself up enormously. That’s probably where you are right now in fact.

So stop, take a deep breath into the pit of your stomach and then breathe it out hard. Let your body relax and collapse down as you hear me:

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Let go of the guilt!

As we’re about to unpack, even if you were the best parent in the world, you wouldn’t be able to help your child with this – in fact, probably only a handful of people around the world can.

So stop beating yourself up about what you have NOT done, and take responsibility for what you can do – which is arm yourself and your child with the resources and tools you both need to make it through this trying time.

A Rapidly-Changing World & The 2012 Mayan Shift

You don’t need to look far nowadays to find proof of the fact that we are experiencing a spiritual renaissance around the world.

Regardless of religion, many are experiencing a renewed sense of connection to everything, to a power greater than them, and many are living their lives according to these new principles – often making dramatic and sudden changes to their lives.

At the most overarching level, this is what is impacting your child and causing their behavior to change.

The 2012 Mayan Shift was not about the end of the world, but the end of an age in the world and the renewed cosmic connection is a sign of what the new age on earth will herald and bring for us.

In line with this, souls, like those of Christ, Mohammed, and Buddha, have been sent to the Earth in order to assist with this energetic change. It’s the part of the reincarnation process and aligned with what we term our soul purpose… the sole purpose of these children is to help prepare the earth for that new change and energy that will be the age of enlightenment.

All will be called, but only a few will answer. Of those that answer even fewer stay the course.

But they all go through the beginning stages of overwhelm when they first do get called – and that’s what’s currently impacting your life.

How Does The Sudden Change In Child Behavior Work?

It’s a two-fold process, where both parts of the process accelerate the other.

Firstly, there’s the morphic or holographic field. Scientists who formulated the process of kinesiology back in the 60s first discovered the morphic field.

Basically the morphic field is like the Internet of all knowledge and your body is a device that can upload and download information to and from that field. This is how kinesiology returns the same answers and results across various subjects – the answers lie in the field.

So, the more present energy or idea is in the field, the more easily lots of people will cotton onto it. We call this critical mass.

As the critical mass for certain ideas and energies accelerate within the field, it triggers certain responses in people, waking up parts of their soul.

After this, the people who have been triggered will go through a growth curve – usually fairly steep – and then they will be inputting a higher-level vibration into the field. This then changes the field, which causes another round of growth to be triggered in the souls who have agreed to be here and participate in this accelerated time of change.

What does a period of growth look like? Usually like bad luck, turmoil, trauma, and chaos, unfortunately. The point is that you overcome these obstacles and grow stronger, developing and practicing the skills you will need later on.

The additional point is learning that you don’t matter and your needs don’t matter, which is crucial for the ego journey later on. They bring this lesson as lots of disappointment, rejection, and abandonment sadly.

Can You Hide This From Your Child?

No, you can’t – not if you want your child to reach peace and happiness.

It’s not easy to accept ideas that might be outside your accepted frame of reference, but until you’ve been there, you can’t even begin to imagine what the overwhelm of information coming through feels like with these aspects awakening.

For example, you may be trying to convince your child that they have deep worth when their whole system is screaming to them that they don’t matter. The answer is to go all the way into the pain of ‘I don’t matter’, because the peace lies in ACCEPTING the fact.

As an additional example, knowing that they may be visited by sometimes scary-looking entities, or may begin hearing voices and thoughts can prevent your child from experiencing mental breakdowns and potentially being diagnosed with mental illness down the line.

Knowing what is happening will give your child peace of mind and allow him or her to accept what they’re experiencing.

My journey began at the age of FOUR when I looked into a mirror and had the clear-as-day thought: “If I had lived before this, I would not remember it now.”

No one and nothing triggered that thought: it was simply part of my soul journey. But that thought triggered me and I began searching for knowledge, my brain suddenly switched on, I became deeply aware of my emotions and I started waiting outside for the aliens to fetch me.

Over the years that followed, I had many experiences and periods like that, but because no one knew what was happening to me, or how to help me, I went through hell.

There was non-stop illness, anxiety, depression, suicide attempts, emotional outbursts, and periods where I really didn’t even know why I was doing the things I was – I just felt COMPELLED. I couldn’t reach peace until I had executed the experience.

Child Personality: How Parents Influence On Child Personality

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In my particular case, situations like awakening soul aspects often meant that overnight I just could not process or accept reality – like being surrounded by buildings all the time literally caused me unbelievable physical and emotional pain.

Or I would go through periods of months where I was plagued by nightmares so horrible that I could not sleep for weeks on end. Or I would feel compelled to cut my hair and then be plunged into a horrible depression afterward.

Or I would rebel against and fight about and contradict EVERYTHING – even when I didn’t know why I was doing it. Sometimes even when I didn’t WANT to do it.

And don’t get me started on beings appearing and starting to hear messages and thoughts: I thought I was haunted, and I lived in absolute fear and dread most of my childhood.

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What Causes The Child’s Personality And Behavior Shifts?

When your child’s personality and behavior rapidly start changing because of spiritual growth, it’s because of a number of factors.

During special time periods there will be advanced souls comprised of a number of different soul aspects, basically putting more into the mix to create a stronger soul than normal; one that can carry a heavier burden and load. Awakening soul aspects are parts of these souls that ‘wake up’ because of certain triggers in the morphic field.

Some of these soul aspects will come from other dimensions, and may never have been exposed to the heaviness of earth before. So the soul aspect can arrive and immediately reject everything it’s experiencing because it feels so foreign to it.

In cases like these, you’ll notice the child seems to have ‘forgotten’ certain things or seems to have taken a step backward in development, or seems to need to relearn stuff. They may also strongly reject something they were previously okay with, e.g. cutting hair or eating meat. They may also suddenly develop an adverse reaction to foods – even if it’s a behavioral reaction.

Child Personality: How Parents Influence On Child Personality

Literally what’s happening is that the newly awakened soul aspect becomes dominant at first, and it takes a few weeks for the balance of energy and the knowledge of the soul that already existed to become integrated with it.

It usually subsides and settles once integration has taken place, but integration can be permanently delayed by not allowing a modality (behavior, action, resource) that the soul needs in order for integration to take place, e.g. exposure to the energy of a person or friend that the parents have banned the child from interacting with.

Likewise, you can have duality aspects awaken in certain souls – and this can trigger a period of wild, rebellious and out-of-control behavior.

This is almost like the demon aspects of the self and soul awakening – the very deep ego layers. There are a number of reasons you have to go through these periods:

  • Accelerated growth caused by an intense string of trauma and emotional pain
  • Learning how to manage being out of control (self-discipline, self-limitation and the miracle principle – miracles only happen in chaos where there are no limits and everything is possible, but it takes practice to navigate that space)
  • Rebellion – because you always have to rebel and swim upstream on the journey, you get the chance to practice rebelling so that you can use it as a tool
  • Making your own rules so that you have practice with the stressful responsibility of making the rules and accepting the consequences of them
  • Learning to deal with adversity effectively and find opportunity in it
  • You need hands-on experience of your own that you can draw on, and this is obtained by making lots of mistakes: the memories become the points of reference your mind uses, and you get the holistic understanding of what it ‘feels’ like (emotionally, mentally and physically) to have this experience

Additional Themes That Rear Their Heads Pretty Often In Layers Include:

  • Download periods where your child is full of new ideas and concepts and voraciously consumes any information they can find
  • Lazy periods where the child does not seem to want to do anything and can’t get motivated
  • Hibernation periods where the child does not want to participate in anything or mix with people – this is more isolation than laziness, but the two often go hand in hand, are common and normal, and should be allowed
  • Lonely and alone periods where the child either retreats completely or goes on a mad binge of new friends and social experiences. So you’ll experience a relationship start in one of these periods and often end in the next period about 6 to 12 weeks later
  • Creativity periods where the child wants to create in various art forms, from cooking to painting to gardening and more; often these are once-off and never completed or touched again, so don’t buy anything expensive at first

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Finally, empaths help clear the field for everyone, by absorbing energies they can release through their own systems. A large percentage of what your child is processing is its empath load.

Child Personality: How Parents Influence On Child Personality

You’ll recognize empath loads by very sudden changes in personality and behavior and mood, changes around a specific person or changes that occur after a specific event or interaction.

In certain cases, you may be able to spot how the load on the person the energy is being lifted from lightens: they will walk in sad and walk out happy, and your child will take the sadness/anger/fear away with them and release it for the good of all.

Sadly this is a built-in mechanism that just happens, and it’s almost impossible to turn it off.

Learn about how empaths sabotage their relationships.

Child Behavior Management Strategies

  • Soul Retrieval work to integrate new and lost soul aspects –
  • Distance healing on the child without the need to interact with the child (very good for younger babies and kids)
  • Distance healing for system support, such as BodyTalk –
  • Tools, tips, and support for the parents
  • Counseling and coaching for parents, child and family group –
  • Daily management tools
  • Monitoring global energies and astrological periods when these energies are likely to peak (forewarned is forearmed!)

No Medication Or Therapy Required

All spiritual healing works at the level of the soul, mind, and emotion – there is no need for physical interventions or medication of any sort.

If anything, you’ll probably find that lifestyle, health and diet improve, often organically and of their own accord, because they new soul aspects often bring healthier desires. So you’ll likely see your child craving water and fruit over time.

Sudden Change In Child Behavior: Signs in Child Personality

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

In my case, the fact that my parents did not know what to do to help me did a lot of damage to me, kept me very unhappy and delayed my growth and progress enormously.

I was shuttled backward and forwards to psychologists and doctors, given medication of all sorts, and even diagnosed with everything from bipolar to depression to epilepsy. My first suicide attempt was in my early teens.

I was the consummate rebel and also unbelievably smart and organized and responsible – almost like I had multiple distinct personalities.

This chaos carried on well into my adult years until I discovered healing work and started mapping and figuring out what was happening to all of us.

Now, I haven’t touched medication in years, not even for colds and flu, I never get sick and I can easily traverse even the most difficult of emotional traumas with ease. I have the physical flexibility and mental agility of a dancer, no chronic health issues and I’m lucid and balanced. And I’ve managed to hone my mind into a razor-sharp tool.

Like me, your child has an important role to play in the coming period, and like I was prepared, your child will be too. If you help them with the right tools along the way, you’d be amazed at how easily you can navigate this period in your lives.

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Watch my daughter and I in action together to see our relationship at

Video 1.

Video 2.

Video 3.

A Brave New World For Parents & Children

This is a brave new world of parenting – and that’s one of the changes that this new era brings.

Your child is going to need specialized support to make it through this time, and they will be looking to you for answers that you do not necessarily have access to. They will be trying to understand concepts that make your head hurt at times.

Sudden Change In Child Behavior
Parents influence on child personality: Sudden Change In Child Behavior

It takes a village to raise a child… and the tools, resources, and healers you need are out there to help your child soar through this without damage or the need for medication.

Let go of the rules and what society is trying to enforce – trust your instincts and be the parent your child really needs this lifetime.

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If you want to learn more about parents influence on child personality, check out this video below!

Child Behavior Management Strategies For Change In Child Personality

Contributed by Chemory Gunko.

Find me on the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group - http://bit.ly/lightworkersunite - or visit my website to access free and paid tools and resources: http://www.lifecoachestoolbox.com
The Reason For Child's Personality and Behaviour Changes
Sudden Change In Child Behavior
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