Cats Are Natural Empaths Who Can Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Cats Natural Empaths Who Heal Your Mind

Do you know that cats are natural empaths?

The windows of the soul lay open without Within and without is narrow and wide. From outside and inside the colors emerge The shutters remain half open and close to let in the light” -Anonymous

The Feliscatus which is commonly known as cat is a domesticated animal that has not evolved much over the years. Having said that, the cats are one of the oldest known animals on earth.

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Does that mean their soul has also remained the same? And they have been consciously privy to the goings-on, evolution, and the mutations on earth?

The answer to the question is an obvious “yes”.

Cats, in fact, have had a revered and pious status in the old civilizations, namely the Egyptians.

The earliest feline ancestors go back to as early as 4400 BC. Egyptian mythology is full of colorful stories about cats, that the relationship and impact they shared in contemporary society and household.

The Egyptians used to consider cats a form of a goddess and they were as a result often dressed in gold ornaments and offered food in gold plates. In the modern world, many psychics have a pet cat, and they use the energy from their pets in various readings, and to maintain their own intrinsic energy levels.

Cats Are Natural Empaths
Bastet- The Feline Egyptian Goddess

As you know with old age comes, wisdom and Wisdom, in turn, gives birth to empathy. Thus, I would not be wrong to say cats are great empaths!

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Cats Natural Empaths Heal Your Mind Body Soul
Cats Are Natural Empaths Who Can Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Sure, if you are a cat person you already know that they can be pretty amazing animals but they are so much more than that. They are more in tune with the spiritual world than we are and because of that are far more empathetic to our needs and the needs of the spirits around us.

1. “Your soul is a reflection of my own, Although mine is age-old”

Cats being natural empaths can pick up the energy of their surroundings. In fact, keeping a cat is very auspicious in a household. In ancient Egypt, every household had a cat. In Indian mythology, the cat is a cohort of the Goddess Shashti. Even today in various African cultures the cats are a part of tribal ceremonies and rituals.

The feline wisdom is looked upon as a blessing. Evil spirits are said to stay away from the cats.

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Especially legends have it in a household where there are small children and babies, cats should always be kept. Like in the old world, there was an old patriarch or matriarch who was the head of the family, and in times of troubles, they guided and gave solutions. Similarly, the energy given off by cats can ward off the evil eye, and dissolve the existing problems.

Watch this video to know about latest research on cats :

2. “Your hand in mine is an assurance that I have time, to take pleasures and leisure, say Hi and Bye”

Have you ever noticed your pet cat is very attuned to your emotions? Cats are natural empaths. If you are happy or sad, they automatically know it. Especially when you are sad, they will come to you on their clawed feet, silently sit and your lap and take rubs from you! And don’t you feel a lot better when you have given a hearty petting to them! Don’t be surprised to know they are more empathetic than most humans are. The next time you are sad, know that you have a very good friend in the form of a feline creature.

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