Busyness Addiction: Signs You Are Keeping Busy To Avoid Your Feelings

Busyness Addiction: Signs You Are Keeping Busy To Avoid Your Feelings

Overcoming busyness addiction

If you want to disconnect from your busyness addiction and connect with your emotions, then there are certain habits and practices that you need to start focusing on. 

Here are a few ways you can learn to slow down.

1. Acknowledge your addiction

Acknowledge that you have an addiction to busyness. Admit that you jump from task to task, from project to project, and keep yourself constantly busy to avoid certain difficult emotions. Accept the fact that your busyness is an escape. Once you admit this, you can finally start the process of slowing down.

“In order to combat this mentality, it’s important to acknowledge this is a behavior you see in yourself,” writes Kristen Gardenhire, LCSW.

2. Follow a morning routine

Wake up a bit earlier than you are used to and set out some time for a morning ritual that allows you to ground yourself. Make sure to make this time completely technology-free.

Your morning routine may include grounding activities like walking bare feet, working out, yoga, mindfulness meditation, gardening, writing, praying, or something as simple as enjoying your coffee. This will enable you to enjoy the present moment and get in touch with yourself.

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3. Improve your awareness

Throughout the day, try to be more mindful and pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, especially during the transitional moments. These are the moments that allow you to catch your breath and reflect, even if for a little while. Be aware of your breathing. Be aware of your body. Be aware of your mind.

Crystal adds “Notice your internal narrative during these transitions, especially when you want to get quickly to the next thing. Challenge yourself to simply be where you are, even when you are ‘in between’ things on your to-do list.”

4. Take breaks

Make sure to take 5-minute breaks every hour. Set a reminder on your smartphone and use this time to get your body moving. Talk a quick walk around your workspace or take a walk outside or do some dynamic movements synchronized with your breathing.

Busyness Addiction: Signs You Are Keeping Busy To Avoid Your Feelings

5. Breathe

During your 5 minute hourly breaks, utilize the final one minute to focus on your breathing. Sit down and breathe deeply through your nose. Simple deep breathing exercises can help you become more mindful and overcome your busyness addiction.

When you practice deep nasal breathing, “you send a message to your body that everything is OK. Then go back to work attuned, refreshed, and more attentive,” adds Crystal McCreary.

6. Eat mindfully

Every time you eat something, make sure to eat mindfully. Whether you are having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snacks. Simply enjoy the food you are eating and be aware of the flavors, textures, smell, and taste. Notice how the food feels against your tongue.

Try not to multi-task during this meal. Put your fork or spoon down between bites. Savor and chew your food completely before swallowing,” explains New York-based wellness specialist Crystal McCreary.

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7. Manage time for reflection

Find some time each day, preferably before bed, to calmly reflect on your day. You can also choose to write a journal as it can help you get clarification on a lot of unsolved issues.

Choose to forgive others and yourself and let all the negative experiences from the day simply pass with time. Focus on starting the next day with a new approach.

Busyness Addiction: Signs You Are Keeping Busy To Avoid Your Feelings

8. Relax

Practice different muscle relaxation techniques before bed as it will help you slow down mentally and physically and get some good sleep. Yoga instructor Crystal McCreary suggests “Actively tighten your muscles and then relax them, starting from your feet and make your way to your face. Take deep breaths along the way.”

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