Was Breaking Up The Right Decision?

was breaking up the decision

Dr. NerdLove –

The answer’s in the question, ACLF. You don’t go anywhere but a church and you don’t have much contact with people outside of your immediate family. Changing those two factors in the equation will give you profoundly different results.

Going out and pursuing interests outside of the church will put you in contact with folks who share those interests. And if you aren’t sure what interests you may have outside of the church and family… well, now’s the perfect time to start exploring, trying new things, and seeing what strikes your fancy.

But there are a couple of parts of your letter that leaped out at me. The first is that your relationship with your father’s suddenly started to become distant and cold and that you don’t have much happiness in your life. Without knowing the circumstances surrounding things with your father, it sounds like you may be having issues with depression. As you start making headway finding new places to explore and new people to hang out with… consider talking to a counselor or therapist. They might be able to provide you with some insight into your emotional situation.

Good luck.

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Written by Harris O' Malley
Originally appeared in Dr. NerdLove
Was Breaking Up A Big Mistake?
Was Breaking Up A Mistake?
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Was Breaking Up The Right Decision?
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