Zodiac Cusp Signs: What It Means To Be Born Between Zodiac Signs


zodiac cusp signs

Have you ever heard of the astrological term, zodiac cusp signs? This happens when someone is born between zodiac signs, and hence are known as being born on the cusp.

Astrology is a wise art and can answer a lot of questions. Yet it also makes a lot of sense when we receive letters and messages asking us which zodiac sign’s prediction to read if you are born on the edge – on the cusp. If you are born on the 21st of December are you Sagittarius or are you Capricorn? You feel both energies in you, yet you can’t shake the feeling that you don’t belong in either one of them. There is a reason for that.

Born on Cusp – Edge of the Zodiac Signs

what is a cusp

Cusps are extremely sensitive days as energy shifts into something else. This “in-between” thing is where witches believe that magic is most powerful. These days transcend in both signs reaching for this infinite power that empowers all signs.

If you are born on Cusp, then your energy is a mix, a blend of both Zodiac Signs. Therefore, when you read about your magical gifts, always read both signs.

Let’s take a look at each cusp. If you are born in Cusps you are going to love it.

Cusp Zodiac Signs And Dates

1. Aries-Taurus (April 18 to April 22)

2. Taurus-Gemini (May 18 to May 22)

3. Gemini-Cancer (June 17 to June 23)

4. Cancer-Leo (July 19 to July 24)

5. Leo-Virgo (August 20 to August 24)

6. Virgo-Libra (September 19 to September 25)

7. Libra-Scorpio (October 21 to October 24)

8. Scorpio-Sagittarius (November 20 to November 23)

9. Sagittarius-Capricorn (December 19 to December 25)

10. Capricorn-Aquarius (January 18 to 21)

11. Aquarius-Pisces (February 17 to 20)

12. Pisces-Aries (March 19 to March 25)

born on cusp - between signs

1. The Cusp of the Prophets

Zodiac cusps prophet

Born between Pisces – Aries (March 19 to March 25)

A spark is seen from the dark primordial Waters of Pisces – which symbolize our infinite magical powers and intuition. This is the spark of Creation, the spark of Aries. Spring is here and the Vernal Equinox signifies a time of change. This is the Cusp of the prophets.

Whether they realize it or not, whatever lies in their head can be materialized. Hence this is the cusp of the Prophets. Not only because their intuition is strong and they can see the future, but also because they can make their dreams –  or dreams of others come true as long as they don’t lose hope.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Prophets:

Glenn Close, Johann Sebastian Bach

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2. The Cusp of the Heroes

Zodiac cusps hero

Born between Aries – Taurus (April 18 to April 22)

The Energy of fire blends with the magic of the earth and the results are like a majestic volcano. The ones who are born these days love to be in charge and control everything but mostly their lives. They cannot even think of having some part of their lives under no surveillance. They are extremely stubborn but also bold and brave. Their heart is their compass and they can make great leaders once they start listening to others too.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Heroes:

James Franco, Jessica Lange

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3. The Cusp of the Geniuses

Zodiac cusps genius

Born between Taurus – Gemini (May 18 to May 22)

Taurus is one of the most rational signs and if this energy is combined with the bright Gemini the results are amazing. The earthy filter of Taurus receives an energy boost of Gemini and their intellectual ability along with their mnemonic capacity is outstanding. These guys are so bright that they need to come to ground them every once in a while. Remember, Taurus energy is still present. They make great scientists but their need to listen to their hearts too.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Geniuses:


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4. The Cusp of the Enlightened Ones

Zodiac cusps enlightened

Born between Gemini – Cancer (June 17 to June 23)

If you are born during these days, Remember! you are born during the Summer Solstice! The powers of the Solstice is so great that can transcend the energy of the cusp even further. This is the day the Sun is the absolute kind and the knowledge of Gemini blends into the primordial Waters of illumination, the Waters of Cancer. Mercury meets the Moon and the results are remarkable.

Truly gifted people who love arts and can use their power to make themselves famous in many ways as long as they try to ground themselves every once in a while… or more often!

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Enlightened Ones:

Nicole Kidman, Paul McCartney

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5. The Cusp of the Mermaids / Mermen

Zodiac cusps mermaid

Born between Cancer – Leo (July 19 to July 24)

What happens when the emotional tides of Cancer meet the bright sun of Leo? Magic! The ones who are born under this influence have a unique ability to charm and enchant whatever and whoever they lay their eyes on – just like the Mermen and Mermaids who above all are enchanting yet extremely sensitive.

Unfortunately, this ability is usually blocked in early childhood when they discover the power of their magic. Trying to prevent themselves from making mistakes they self-bind their powers. Now you know though. Unlock the door you hide your magic and shine brightly.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Mermaids / Mermen:

Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Radcliffe, Robin Williams

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6. The Cusp of the Inventors

Zodiac cusps inventors

Born between Leo – Virgo (August 20 to August 24)

The brightest energy and the inspiration of the Sun in Leo meet the extreme capabilities of Virgo. These are the days when inventors are born. We are not talking solely about science but ANY kind of idea that could change the way we live. Love Empowers them.

Their employers are also a bit jealous because they always come up with solutions. They also make great leaders because they have common sense. The only thing they have to be careful of is trying not to be so judgemental to others and themselves.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Inventors:

Coco Chanel, Kim Cattrall, Usain Bolt

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7. The Cusp of the Elves

Zodiac cusps elf

Born between Virgo – Libra (September 19 to September 25)

What do they say when two energies of perfectionism meet? Elves are made. These magical, intelligent and beautiful creatures symbolize this cusp. This is no ordinary cusp, as now is the time of Autumnal Equinox, the absolute balance. In this day, Magic and Beauty prevail.

People who are born under this influence are perfectionists and love to spoil themselves – and the ones they love – in peace and beauty. As long as these people find their emotional balance, they can attract anything they desire.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Elves:

Bill Murray, Will Smith

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8. The Cusp of the Seekers

Zodiac cusps seekers

Born between Libra – Scorpio (October 21 to October 24)

When the natural curiosity of Libra meets the passion for the truth of Scorpio, a Seeker is born. These guys have a passion for truth. They can work very hard in order to find out what they are looking for. And almost always, they do find a way to reach their goals – or how they love to say – their truth.

Their potential is great as long as don’t become narrow-minded and focus too much. Their obsession can become really creative if they find a way to balance it with love and affection.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Seekers:

Weird Al Yankovich, Pablo Picasso

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9. The Cusp of the Centaurs

Zodiac cusps centaurs

Born between Scorpio – Sagittarius (November 20 to November 23)

The passion and instinct of Scorpio meet the spiritual and playful nature of Sagittarius. These are the days of the Centaurs, who were believed to be great warriors and teachers. They can motivate and they can manipulate. Their unique powers make them capable of almost any task which others regard as impossible.

Practical yet emotional they can reach their goals providing they keep the balance between what they want and what they actually need. The fact that they can win any war does not mean that every battle has no casualties.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Centaurs:

Calvin Klein, Jodie Foster, JFK

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10. The Cusp of the Awakened Ones

Zodiac cusps awakened ones

Born between Sagittarius – Capricorn (December 19 to December 25)

This is the time of the Winter Solstice, the day when the Solar king dies only to be reborn, new and shinier. These are the days of the Awakened Ones. The sun gives the people who are born under this influence, a unique ability of cosmic awareness. These are the prophets of the new age. The Ones who can change everything.

Being both practical and visionary, they can see what others cannot and they have the guts to follow their dreams. They never give up no matter how many times they fail. They believe.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Awakened Ones:

Ricky Martin, Alyssa Milano

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11. The Cusp of the Leaders

Zodiac cusps leaders

Born between Capricorn – Aquarius (January 18 to January 21)

Strong and bold yet unique and eccentric, knowing that there is only one way – theirs! If you are born under this influence then you clearly know what I am talking about. You can find any solution you want providing you have a motive.

Extremely clever and decisive they can push everyone’s limits (including theirs) only to find what makes them work better. For them, there is only one option. Winning. They are stubborn and very faithful to what they believe in. This stubbornness makes them irresistible.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Leaders:

Janis Joplin, Christian Dior

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12. The Cusp of the Fairies

Zodiac cusps fairy

Born between Aquarius-Pisces (February 17 to February 20)

Magic meets the mysteries. Aquarius is a sign drenched with arcane wisdom and when this is combined with the empathic abilities of Pisces, Fairies are being born. Even though they seem to belong to another world than ours, they can blend in and attract unimaginable power and wealth. The key is to find a way to express their insecurities in a constructive way. If they manage to do so, nothing can stop them.

Famous people born on the Cusp of the Fairies:

Kurt Cobain, Rihanna

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