15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction


Bizarre Documentaries

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Featuring some of the most bizarre stories about love, abuse, stolen identity, betrayal, crime, fraud, conspiracy theories and violence, here are some documentaries that will send chills down your spine. These documentaries are based on true events hence making it more scarier!

In the mood for some bizarre documentaries? From true-crime stories of gruesome murders or mysterious events, these are some of the shocking documentaries to watch!

Here Are 15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

1. Tabloid (2010)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.0

A weird and engaging documentary of Miss Wyoming, a beauty queen fell in love with Mormon Missionary. After Mormon disappears mysteriously, she is desperate to find him so that she can impregnate herself but lands up in jail. Very well put together and enjoyable to watch!  

2. Welcome to Leith (2015)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
Best Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.0

A bizarre documentary about white supremacist Craig Cobb who dreams to gain control over Leith, North Dakota Town to support his fellow white supremacists. The residents try to fight back and prevent the racist takeover. Although the story seems crazy, it is entertaining and exciting at the same time. Add this to your Netflix queue and find out who wins!

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3. Finders Keepers (2015)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 6.8

Bizarre and humorous documentary of John Wood who holds an amputated and mummified leg safely kept in a storage shed. Things turn weird when Shannon Whisnant accidentally found the leg in a grill purchased at a storage unit auction and makes several attempts to seek public attention and fame out of it. John tries hard and soul to get his leg back, which is followed by many heartfelt events and bigger life phenomenons experienced by two men.

4. The End of the World Cult (2007)

The End of the World Cult
Most Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 6.7

This is one of the most bizarre documentaries in the category of cult. The story concerns a former sailor named Wayne Bent, who later called himself as Messiah who knows about an apocalyptic event and the end of the world. As a leader of a cult in a Strong city, New Mexico, he prepared his 56 followers for the Doomsday and led them to suicide. You can see an unwavering faith in the eyes of his followers which makes it a good cult bizarre besides other elements like reassignment of wives and weird sexual behavior. 

5. Crazy Love (2007)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 6.9

It’s wrong to call it a love story, this crime/romance documentary of Burton and Linda Pugach, reveals a truth that is unbelievable and will leave you shocked. Weird but it’s based on a true story and depicts pathological love, possession, and maiming that justifies the truth-is-stranger-fiction category. Linda is blinded (literally) by narcissistic manipulator Burton and finally, they get married after the devastating crime of passion.

6. Voyeur (2017)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 6.2

Voyeur will always hit the top of the list of bizarre documentaries. Besides the bizarre storyline and characters, the truth is stranger than fiction. The story is all about popular journalist Gay Talese who reports about  Gerald Foos, the owner of a Colorado motel, obsessed with spying on his guests.

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Foo can leave no stone unturned to observe his guests’ private and intimate moments and even ends up designing ceiling vents, peering down from an “observation platform” in the motel’s attic. Talese is quite a character who adds to the intriguing nature of this creepy Netflix documentary. His quest to reveal every bit of Foo’s story will keep you hooked until the end.  

7. Mommy Dead and Dearest (2017))

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.4

A stomach-turning bizarre story of  Gypsy Rose who is claimed to be seriously ill by her mother Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy grows up and kills her mother, which is an outcome of years of psychological and physical abuse. But, watching how Gypsy’s childhood, youth, and dignity was ruined by her own mother will surely boil your blood and clench your teeth. It’s a true-crime story that is stranger than fiction, disturbing, unimaginable, and bewildering. 

8. Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (2019)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
True Crime Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 8.1

Among the bizarre documentaries on Netflix, this one is hard to believe that it happened in real life and harder to forget. A group of internet-savvy people discovered heart-wrenching videos of Luka Magnotta, who circulate videos of himself killing kittens.

In the quest to find him, Lin Jun is killed and the incident creates a big buzz making it Canada’s most infamous crimes. Slowly, Magnotta becomes the subject of an international manhunt project and commits mysterious crimes one after the other. This bizarre non-fiction story is sure to give you adrenaline rush enough to keep you glued to screen till the end. 

9. Wild Wild Country (2018)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 8.2

An outstanding documentary that won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for its captivating examination of a forgotten part of American history. If you need a series of bizarre docu-series to satiate your soul then this is a must-watch for you.

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The tale of an Indian cult and controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho),  and their community of followers in the Rajneeshpuram community located in Wasco County, Oregon gets bizarre as it unfolds the oddities of the cult and how the community fought with the protestors in unsavory ways. 

10. Tickled (2016)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction
Shocking And Weird Documentaries To Watch

IMDb – 7.6

A king of bizarre documentaries, Tickled is about David Farrier – researching competitive tickling competition – but faces obstacles and threats from around the world. It is an insanely dark story and you need to see it! It gets weirder and weirder and ends up as truly disturbing story 

11. God Knows Where I Am (2016)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.3

Linda Bishop is found dead in an abandoned farmhouse along with her 2 journals that reveal what is stranger than fiction. As the story unfolds, you will find the emotionally painful journey of Linda through starvation and loss of sanity – but the twist starts when she is found to be the prisoner of her own mind. This is a bizarre Netflix documentary that ends with a powerful message! I’m sure the story would be hard to forget – because you end up in a vicious cycle of thoughts about our society and the life of helpless people. 

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12. Behind the Curve (2018)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 6.5

A brilliant and bizarre story about Flat Earthers who unselfconsciously believe that Earth is flat and the government is trying to suppress this truth. Not just weird, it is equally hilarious and interesting to watch. Don’t miss it! 

13. The Queen of Versailles (2012)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.1

If you are looking for a bizarre yet enjoyable documentary, then you must add The Queen of Versailles to your list!  This story portrays what most American dream is to become richer and richer. Jacqueline Siegel and her billionaire husband David, aim to build the largest house in the country but start to lose all of their money as the construction starts. This riches to rags story is somehow a bit enlightening. 

14. The Imposter (2012)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.5

A fine stranger than fiction story about identity theft! Nicholas goes missing in Texas at the age of 13 and is found in Spain three years later. The mental agony of family members searching for Nicholas doesn’t turn to happiness when he is found. Watch this bizarre, fascinating, and bewildering documentary to believe it’s a true story.

15. In Plain Sight (2017)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.3

Looking for best true crime documentaries? This is the story of Jan Broberg’s abduction by manipulative family friend Robert Berchtold is creepy and disturbing. Popular as the strangest true-crime story, this documentary features weird abduction, 70s pedophile; violence, and sex. It is very very hard to believe that such things can happen in society. Get prepared for all the twists and turns beyond your imagination.

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16. Dark Tourist (2018)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.5

Do you want to travel all over the world? This documentary fulfills your wish to some extent by taking you to some of the most bizarre and creepy destinations you can ever think of. Thanks to David Farrier for actually visiting these locations that are shown nowhere else on television. Though you may be offended by the arrogant host, there is a comic relief too. Watch this and let your mind blown!

17. Cartel Land (2015)

15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

IMDb – 7.4

Another unbelievable true story about two different groups fighting the drug cartels on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. The story is very eye-opening as it features how these cartels impacted the lives on both sides of our country’s shared border. 

Some are eye-opening, some are gut-wrenching, some are ridiculous, some are creepy yet intriguing and others are hilarious – these bizarre documentaries, which are stranger than fiction are worth watching and can keep you all day glued to your sofa in search of the strange. Watch it to believe it!

If you found this list helpful, leave a comment below.

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