8 Best Essential Oils To Relieve Anxiety And Feel Calmer


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Best Essential Oils To Relieve Anxiety And Feel Calmer

Are you feeling a bit stressed out? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you: the best essential oils to relieve anxiety. Imagine taking a deep breath and instantly feeling a wave of calm and serenity wash over you. It’s like you are treating yourself to a mini spa session packed into a tiny bottle.

But here’s the exciting part: these essential oils aren’t just some new-age mumbo jumbo. Essential oils have been used for ages to promote relaxation and calm the mind.

So, if you’re curious about how these aromatic powerhouses can transform your daily life and banish stress and anxiety, stick around. We’re about to dive into the wonderfully soothing world of the best essential oils for anxiety.

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8 Best Essential Oils To Relieve Anxiety

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, also known as Lavandula angustifolia, is a very popular choice when it comes to best essential oils for anxiety. It’s great for calming the mind and can provide a lot of relief from insomnia, restlessness, panic attacks, tension and even an upset stomach.

Many believe it to be one of the best essential oils to relieve anxiety. Studies have shown that when people orally consume lavender oil through capsules, their heart rate variation increased when compared to the placebo, while watching an anxiety-causing movie.

Essential oils to relieve anxiety

2. Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is well-loved amongst many people because of it’s ability to improve your mood, and reduce the chances of mood swings. One of the best essential oils for calming you down, bergamot deals with anxiety and stress really well, while encouraging relaxation.

The fragrance of bergamot has been found to reduce feelings of anxiousness in highly stressed out people, because inhaling it’s smell reduces the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is known to play a huge role in increasing and regulating stress.

3. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree and has been around for ages, and is famous for its ability to stabilize and soothe your mind. It’s believed that frankincense promotes relaxation, eases anxiety, evens out your mood, and promotes tranquility.

That’s why it’s one of the best essential oils to relieve anxiety. Some studies have indicated that frankincense can also help in reducing the impact of stress. Moreover, it might also help you sleep better at night, potentially boosting your capacity to cope with stress more effectively.

4. Sweet Orange Oil

One of the best essential oils for calming anxiety, sweet orange oil comes from the peel of oranges. It’s known for making you feel good and relaxed with it’s fresh citrusy smell, and it has been used for years to deal with stress and anxiety. It can actually brighten your day and make you feel more peaceful.

Inhaling the scent of sweet orange oil slows down your heartbeat, and makes you feel more equipped to deal with problems and stressful situations. It can also make you feel cheerful and positive. This is a really good option for dealing with nerves.

Essential oils to relieve anxiety

5. Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil comes from the roots of the Vetiveria zizanioides plant and is famous for having calming properties, which may help soothe anxiety. It has an earthy aroma that can make you feel more balanced when you’re stressed.

Even though more studies are needed, some research suggests that vetiver oil could be effective for reducing anxiety. This essential oil is commonly used to relax your mind and help you deal with anxiety and tension in the best way possible.

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6. Jasmine Oil

One of the best essential oils for anxiety, jasmine oil is known for boosting mood and making you feel happy and positive. Derived from jasmine flowers, its sweet fragrance has been used for centuries to fight off anxiety.

According to research, inhaling jasmine oil can actually increase feelings of contentment. More study is necessary to understand how the smell of jasmine reduces stress, yet it seems like this scent can influence your brain patterns and emotional conditions.

7. Ylang-ylang Oil

Extracted from Cananga odorata’s flowers, ylang-ylang oil has a soothing effect on both your mind and body. As an alternative medical treatment, it’s often used to combat anxiety thanks to it’s scores of benefits.

It is widely know that ylang-ylang may help in lowering stress related high blood pressure and heart rate, bolstering feelings of emotional and mental wellbeing. One of my personal favorite essential oils to relieve anxiety, I can vouch that it works!

Essential oils to relieve anxiety

8. Cedarwood Oil

Derived from the cedarwood tree, cedarwood oil’s warm, musky and woody scent makes it ideal for aromatherapy, if your aim is to deal with anxiety and tension.

Some studies indicate that the smell of cedarwood can spark changes in your psychological state and behavior, which helps in promoting peace and tranquility.

It also helps in better sleep, reducing non rapid eye movement, which eases your nerves and helps you sleep peacefully at night. Cedarwood oil might also enhance your brain performance.

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How many of these best essential oils for anxiety have you used? My favorites are ylang-ylang oil and bergamot oil! Which one are yours? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

best essential oils for anxiety

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