15 Things Alpha Women Do Differently

Things Alpha Women Do Differently

7. They know when to walk away.

They know that bending themselves backward, forward (and backward again) in an attempt to make something work –a friendship, a relationship, a failed decision-usually means they’re investing time and energy into something that isn’t offering respectable returns.

8. They expect FaceTime.

Witty text sessions can serve as fabulous foreplay in-between dates but spending day-after-day texting a guy you never meet? Fearless and focused women are not looking for pen-pals. Instead of spending hours replying to winky faces, these women encourage face-to-face contact because they know that any man who’s serious about them will want to see their real smile in real-time.

9. They give themselves a real chance to meet someone.

Swiping right has its place and Match.com has made some real-life connections, but these ladies know there’s a real value in getting out into the world and having human interaction in a space that’s supportive of an introduction.

They enjoy the clubs with their girlfriends but aren’t afraid to pop into a sports bar, networking event, museum opening, gallery showcase or even a trip with a carefully curated guest list.

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10. They don’t pretend they’re on an episode of “The Bachelor.”

Compete for a man’s attention and affections? You’re kidding, right?

11. They also don’t pretend they’re a Kardashian.

They aspire to be a star in reality over a reality star.

12. They see themselves as an investment.

They take pride in themselves. From their word, work ethic, and reputation to their friendships, manicure, and handshake, these are the women who invest in themselves without the slightest bit of apology.

13. They don’t play the victim.

They know people will do things to let them down and even screw them over–such is life. What they won’t do is re-live that scenario a million times over. They know they are in full and total control of how they react to a situation and when the going get’s tough, they learn their lesson, roll up their sleeves, and get tougher.

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14. They dare to go for it.

Whatever “it” is: the job, the guy, the bucket-list experience, or adopting a baby on their own, these women think things through, make a plan and bring their own unique idea of happiness to fruition.

15. They would never put their lives on hold to accommodate someone else’s idea of who they should be.

Instead, they get into the driver’s seat, turn-up their favorite tunes and go in the direction of their dreams.

Written by Brenda Della Casa
Originally appeared on Yourtango.com

15 Things Bold, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently From Other Types Of Woman
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