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Are we alive and dead at the same time?

This movement of life that isn’t really a movement is the sound of Celebration.

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You do not know whether something is being born or something is dying. There is simply the endless pulse — as the river laughs at the meaninglessness of it all.”

~ Edited Wisdom from Sadhguru ~


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Are we alive and dead at the same time?

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Gabriel Melchizedek Sananda
A lover of this beautiful blessing that is life. To be 100% alive with purpose void of attachment. Through my many journeys, experiences and inner realizations, by the will of Divine Grace, I wish to share from my heart to yours in faith that those in resonance may receive reflections that will assist them on their soul’s journey… It is my deepest knowing that the greater we open our hearts to the divine, the more we are touched by its grace. Love is the greatest power in the universe, and this reflection wills to see it realized within.
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