Are we alive and dead at the same time?

Are we alive and dead at the same time?

Sitting with the Buddha, during an all-day breakfast {Naga bowl my fav} contemplating the nature of existence.

For such introspection, I am always inspired by Adiyogi {Shiva} – the first yogi.

Two Major symbolisms for Shiva are the “Third Eye” and “Smeared Ashes”…

What do these represent?

The “Third Eye” reflects that Shiva both physically and in the innermost deepest possible way he is alive to the fullest level…

Simultaneously – At the same time, however – the ash smears reflect that Shiva is involved with Death.

One step intensely involved in Life – One step intensely involved in Death.

What does this mean?

This may be the way life is happening even now.

Death is not something that happens to us sometime in the future.

It is happening to us in this eternal moment.

If we as much as breathe a little more consciously, we will notice with every inhalation there is life.

With every exhalation there is death.

If we are not getting the point, just do the next exhalation and do not take the next inhalation…

We get the point.

Life is death and death is life.

We need not have invented two words for this.

It’s just one thing ~ this is the awareness it is said in states of Samadhi ~ where all collapses into the one, and all aspects are dancing simultaneously.


Let’s imagine a situation that one may be gifted – unknown to them at the time – where life and death are experienced simultaneously.

Walking on a trekking path in the Southern Indian mountains, one encounters an Elephant that you see in its eyes the ferocity and danger of possible death.

At this moment, you may lose all sense of locomotion, as you are moments away from what is perceived at the time as “physical death”.

But at this moment, there is a certain exuberance – awareness that overwhelms your being, all the hairs of your body stand up, goosebumps, a certain ecstasy, as adrenaline kicks in for survival purposes…

An awareness that is experienced….


If you do survive this moment, for the rest of your life you will always remember that moment, looking the elephant in the eyes, that feeling of being alive and dead at the same time. Thinking of this alters your consciousness to bring back that feeling momentarily.

This state of adrenaline, ecstasy – it is said to be the state of Bliss that the Yogi’s experience in states of Samadhi.

The only catch to this is, however, is in that moment of danger with the elephant you were AWARE of life and death in the eternal moment.

The elephant could have granted you the gift of enlightenment…the awareness of all aspects {life and death} creation simultaneously.

Any being devoted, disciplined and dedicated to the inner path can experience this state of bliss with powerful scientific yogic techniques.

This is why Krishna said – with deeper understanding beyond human understanding of death – when Arjuna asked ~

“What is the point of slaughtering all these people?”