11 Anxiety Disguises In Kids That Many Parents Fail To Notice

anxiety disguise kids

11. Refusing to visit for regular check-ups at the clinic.

anxiety disguise kids regular checkups
11 Anxiety Disguises In Kids That Many Parents Fail To Notice

What Triggers these anxiety disguises in kids

For parents to understand what triggers such anxiety, it’s important for them to learn different anxiety disorders that are common in children. Here is the introduction of different anxiety disorders:

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1. Separation Anxiety

Kids at the preschool level fear separation from their parents. There are some parents who can be a bit controlling although they may not realize it. Always taking care of their child’s needs but never letting them face any challenges. These kids eventually become too dependent on their parents that getting separated from them for some time too makes them afraid. They may want to stay at home and even complain of a stomach ache to avoid going to school to stay near their parents.

Mostly this type of anxiety is caused by a new environment in kids. Moving house or school, loss of a loved pet and someone close, the divorce of parents are some of the triggering factors to cause separation anxiety in kids.

2. Generalized Anxiety

This kind of anxiety in children is caused by excessive worrying about past, present, or future events. This term of generalized anxiety disorder mainly is about growing excessively over the small details. Your kid simply experiences a persistent feeling of worry and anxiety. But this worrying will be hard to control when it picks up momentum. Generalized anxiety may have six types of symptoms which include over tense, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, Irritability, muscle tightness, difficulties with sleep. The main issue with this type of anxiety is excessive worrying causes significant distress which leads to fear. It can be the fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of disease, fear of losing control, etc.

The tendency to not believing themselves often triggers such anxiety. Family and friends also play a promotive role here. Discouragements, increased pressure in school, physical illness, excessive parental expectation are some of the factors that cause this type of anxiety.

3. Social Anxiety

If a child rеfuѕеѕ to participate in асtіvіtіеѕ оthеr сhіldrеn enjoy, gets ѕісk оn Sundау nights, or spends a great deal of tіmе іn thе ѕсhооl nurse’s оffісе, serious аnxіеtу may play a role in there. A child with ѕосіаl anxiety fears meeting оr tаlkіng to реорlе. Social anxiety is about how a child is scared that people are going to judge them or hurt them. For most kids, it involves the fear or embarrassment or humiliation in situations where you become exposed to the judgment of others or you have to perform.

It involves a general feeling of apprehension that you may be being watched or evaluated when in group situations. This happens in children because with an experience they have not faced the world so far. They are constantly uneasy around people. It can create a mindset of passivity and indifference towards your kid’s abilities as a person.

This type of anxiety normally triggers by certain social situations or peer systems. Biased behavior for other kids over you, not able to cope up with education, suffering from bullying, receiving avoidance from parents are some of the triggering factors to cause such anxiety in kids.

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4. Specific Phobia

This occurs when kids develop anxiety over certain situations. A phobia is experiencing a persistent fear which sometimes can be irrational but still causes considerable anxiety. Phobias come in different forms. For children, these situations are a little bit different than elders experiencing phobia. Specific phobias are often childhood fears which are not outgrown. For example,
fear of animals – This includes panic seeing certain animals or birds
Acrophobia – Fear of heights
Aviophobia – Fear of flying
Doctor phobia – This includes fear of a doctor or dentist visit. etc.

Specific phobias often develop from childhood fears. Those can be animal attacks, doctor visits or vaccination, illness, accidents, suffering from vertigo are some of the triggering factors to cause this type of anxiety.

5. Panic Attacks

Panic attracts are sudden episodes of severe anxiety. it’s an intense fear which occurs spontaneously without any obvious cause. Intense feelings of panic normally last no more than a few minutes, but it can be repetitive. In all these instances there is the tendency to develop anticipatory anxiety or worry between panic attacks about having another. Your child can feel trapped or can get a feeling of dread. Generally, these panic attacks in children are accompanied by some physical symptoms such as nausea, sweating, chills, shortness of breath, dizziness, churning in the stomach, etc.

Panic attacks are very irregular. Your kid may have two or three panic attacks in a row and then there may be no such attacks for months. Your behavior, your kid’s stress level, environments, overuse of medicines, someone’s death, separation anxiety, chemical imbalance are some of the triggering factors to cause panic attacks in kids.

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