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To The One Who Took Me For Granted

To The One Who Took Me For Granted

How would you feel when you are suddenly blacklisted and you don’t even know why. Well, I certainly felt like that when you took me for granted. Took me for granted when all I did was love you with everything I got.

But how can you blame someone when they have no idea about the effort you’ve put in for them? When they find your indulgence a part of your routine? When you’re being taken for granted you cannot expect to get acknowledged or even noticed, right?

To The One Who Took Me For Granted

Dear Past (insert name),

I would not say thanks for coming into my life, but every phase of life teaches you something and you are one of them. It was needed for me to let go of you for my own sanity, it was needed for us to be apart as maybe we both wanted different things from our relationship.

And, it’s certainly needed for me to write this letter as our relationship, and our emotions require clarity for it to break free altogether. And to move on from the pain that I went through because you took me for granted.

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The important thing is what cannot be avoided should not be avoided and one of such things is heartbreak though it is wise to be cautious, it is still going to be a foolish decision to avoid falling in love all because one doesn’t want to be hurt.

Love is a mysterious thing. You told me that love hurts. Yes, I agreed with you that love hurts, and no, I am not just agreeing to please you. It hurt really bad because I have been there but I also have a question to ask you, Is it love that hurts? Or is it loving the wrong person?

That’s what you did. You came out of nowhere.

I found you as a special person, someone who was sensitive, intelligent, and shared many common interests with you. I started to smile more, and dream more. Your mere presence would brighten my day. Sometimes you become my partner in crime and sometimes listen to me when I want to let it out.

Maybe that’s why you thought you were the only one who is able to break me into pieces and then again consolidate.

took me for granted
To The One Who Took Me For Granted

The one who I was sure I would be with the rest of my life.

You were my happily ever after, and I fell in love with everything about you. Everything about you attracted me, even your flaws. Life became beautiful for me, and every day I just wanted to be with you, share hope, and make plans for the future. We talked, dreamt of all that we wanted out of life together, and we realized how much we have in common. 

I thought you were the one for me, but then —- the honeymoon period ends. You said ‘together’ which means ‘me and you’ but then why did only you remain? Why was I left in the shadows?. 

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While some fairy tales end with happy endings, mine did not.

You have taken me for granted, which is what I can still make peace with. But you choose to ignore the things that I have done for you, you didn’t see how I waited for your call or how my heart skipped a beat when I saw your smile. You didn’t notice how much I craved watching you happy, listening to whatever you needed to say. 

You took me for granted so much that you didn’t realize I was the one who stood by your side when everyone showed their backs. You were too busy to realize I was waiting for you to talk, to share with me how your day was. Didn’t see my disappointment when you didn’t acknowledge my support. When you forgot my existence.

Do you remember the time you said sorry? Do you remember the time you made plans to spend time with me? Do you remember the time you compromised your favorite for mine? You Cannot. Because there isn’t any.

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