How To Be Alone While Going Through A Breakup

be alone going through breakup

A period where we don’t know where were headed. (Even if that takes 8 months or more.)

A period of being okay with uncertainty. (Even if that lasts way longer than you expected.)

Honestly, the feeling you have right now that feels kinda brutal, and like you’re “lost” is actually the preface of a fulfilling life.

I know, it sounds counterintuitive.

Personally, without me feeling that way, I’d never be where I am today. That feeling made me realize how little I knew myself, and how little attention and self-love I gave myself.

Actually, it was during my breakup and these confusing feelings that made me begin my relationship to myself.

Right now it likely feels like a thick fog, but even better opportunities are on their way to you.

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Remember this…

Amazing things will unfold as each day passes for you, and more and more inspirational for healing will come to you.

A month into my breakup, I went back to school. I didn’t make a plan or write down a long list of things I enjoy doing like what all the relationship coaches tell you to do. I let time to do her thing and I stayed open to what this new beginning is bringing me.

Shortly after my breakup, I was randomly invited to go on a little boat outing, where I met my future relationship coach. She changed my life and is a big reason I do what I do today.

You never know the possibilities that are ahead.

We can’t always plan for how each day will be during our breakup, but we can do small foundational things to support us, like connecting with people we love or who are experiencing the same thing, and making your home feel more full and like you.

I really feel that during our breakups, we need to take each day as it comes. We can wake up in the morning and choose to stay open to new possibilities.

Here is a meditation for you to listen to every morning to appreciate today even when you’re going through a painful, confusing breakup.

Much love,


Working on being alone while going through a breakup

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Written By Nancy Ruth Deen  
Originally Appeared In Hello Breakup
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