The ONE Thing You Are Addicted To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The ONE Thing You Are Addicted To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Many of you may be wondering why you cannot stay away from a certain thing. 

When I say this to you, I know many of you would be blurting out to the computer system how that could be possible. However, if you read along, you will realize that I am being honest while saying that what we are addicted to is greatly controlled by our Zodiac signs.

Now that the cue has been given, don’t you want to find out what each Zodiac sign is addicted to? I’m sure you do; so, it’s time to set your inquisitive mind free so that you get a glimpse into the world of Zodiac signs.



Not many people are aware of the fact that an Aries cannot think straight after working for a long duration; but, that does not bring the spirits of the Aries down. A cup of hot tea or a cup of steaming cappuccino is the perfect companion of the Aries. So, be it at the workplace or be it at home, sometimes, you will definitely lose count of the number of cups of coffee or tea and Aries can consume in a single day!



A Taurus is one of the most hardworking people on earth. In fact, to a Taurus, nothing is more valuable than his or her work. A Taurus is hardly ever seen to spend some time-wasting in a casual conversation with a colleague sitting in beside him even at lunch. The work-life of a Taurus, according to him or her, is the defining factor that helps him or her to develop as an individual. This the reason why the Taurus sometimes has to face complaints from his or her loved ones for giving more priority to his or her job at hand.

GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20):


Not all, but most of the people who are under the influence of Gemini are addicted to cigarettes. Usually, they are the ones who look forward to the smoke breaks especially during office hours when they are bogged down with work. This gives them an opportunity to spend some quality with their own selves and also establish a healthy relationship with their co-workers and friends.



A Cancer is not weak by nature; but, there is something about the painkillers that attracts almost every person who is a Cancer. However, the fact that Cancer is very sensitive can be a major reason why Cancer prefers calming down the nerves with the help of the painkillers. After all, when there isn’t a shoulder to lean on or a chest to cry on, a Cancer feels compelled to take the generous help offered by the painkillers.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):


A Leo behaves like a true king of the jungle. Every Leo tries to own the things that would make him or her stand out even in the crowd. To accomplish this, shopping is definitely a dire necessity! This is why, whenever Leo has sufficient money to spare, nothing gives him or her more pleasure than shopping.



A Virgo is indeed very kind at heart. This is what makes a Virgo one of the most loving partners. However, the Virgo fears to lose the person he or she is in love with; and, this often turns out to be the reason behind a Virgo’s sadness. Sometimes, even though the Virgo realizes that taking the relationship forwards is next to impossible, he or she still clings on to his or her partner as he or she prefers to be in an emotional misery than being alone.



A Libra is the most promising participant in social media sites. A Libra cannot refrain from checking the updates and hitting the like button every time he or she logs into an SNS. So, by chance, if the internet connection is not working, you can sit back and enjoy while the Libra takes the instant initiative of calling up the internet provider and almost begging for the connection to become stable again.

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