9 Ways Your Partner Uses Guilt Trips You To Get What They Want

guilt trips to get what they want

Guilt Tripping Technique 6: You Keep Saying Sorry

Guilt can eat you up from the inside and an abusive partner will know how to use that to their advantage. They’ll make sure that you feel like you need to apologize constantly even though you’ve done nothing wrong. By the end, you’ll be apologizing for just existing as a person and you’ll feel like you’re messing up every single step that you take.

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Guilt Tripping Technique 7: No More Spontaneity

Before you entered this relationship, you had a pretty good idea of who you were and what you wanted out of life. But now, everything revolves around your partner and you always need to keep them in mind before you make plans. It is natural to want to tell your partner or check in when you’re going somewhere. But if your partner is abusive, you’ll have to sit and rethink everything you want to say over and over again. You are afraid of the fact that they’ll act like you’ve done something to hurt them and you’ll end up feeling unbearably guilty.

Guilt Tripping Technique 8: Living In A State Of Anxiety

Your significant other has to be a person around whom you can be yourself, freely and completely! True happiness comes when you and your partner can be completely comfortable around each other because you’re sure of where you both stand in the relationship. An abusive partner will keep you in a state of anxiety all the time because you’ll feel a constant need to please them. Their displeasure only makes you feel guilty and you are scared to get them worked out. It is never a healthy relationship when you fear your partner.

Guilt Tripping Technique 9: Gaslighting

This is the most insidious method that your partner can employ to break you down and make you completely submit to their control. They’ll force you to question your own sanity at every moment by making you question your own memories and perception. It can take years to recover once they’ve made you completely unable to trust yourself. If you feel like this is being done to you, you need to leave and find someone to help you. The longer you allow them to weave their lies around you, the harder it will be to get out.

Speaking from my own experience, I have heard so many stories of emotional and domestic abuse. Irrespective of how “educated” people seem to be, they pose a threat to their partner once they enter a relationship.

One of my very close friends, who continuously voiced her opinions regarding women’s rights, ended up being domestically abused. How do such people end up in the exact same spot they didn’t want anybody else into end up in? Over the course of a year, she became so dependent on this man for her existence that she simply couldn’t walk out. Psychological manipulation by an abusive partner is so strong that the victim doesn’t even realize it! It took an incident of violence to release her from the clutches of her partner.

Please be extremely careful about the kind of person you fall in love with. If you notice even the slightest signs, do not doubt yourself! Walk out before emotional abuse or physical abuse leaves a permanent scar on your body and mind!

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9 Ways Your Partner Uses Guilt Trips To Get What They Want From You
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9 Ways Your Partner Uses Guilt Trips You To Get What They Want
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