9 Things You Should STOP Doing, If You Want To Keep Your Guy Around

 February 14, 2019

9 Things You Should STOP Doing, If You Want To Keep Your Guy Around

We have a lot of relationship advice floating around about what women need in a relationship. It’s time we figured what men want and don’t want in a relationship.

I have compiled a list of 9 things that are an absolute turn off for guys.

If you want to keep your guy around, stop doing these 9 things:


1) Doubting his dreams              

Men want their partners to be their cheerleaders. They want their partner to believe in their dreams.

They want their partners to stand by them and support them no matter how crazy their dreams may seem.

No man wants to be around women who discourages him or doubts his dreams.

Men want women who will stand by them and walk hand in hand as a team mate and not someone who would be indifferent or dispassionate about their dreams.


2) Finding faults and nitpicking his flaws

No one is perfect. No one can be happy, loving or caring at all times.

We are all human and have our bad bays.

Sometimes we burst out on people we love, sometimes we forget to wash the dishes, and sometimes we leave the wet towel on the bed.

It does not mean that we do all these things intentionally to hurt someone but simply because we are messy and imperfect human beings.

It’s ok to correct someone’s mistake lovingly but do not constantly nitpick his flaws


3) Acting like his mother and scolding him

We all make mistakes sometimes or the other.

And we feel most vulnerable after making the mistake because we are already feeling bad and guilty about making the mistake. And the last thing we want at that time is someone making us feel worse by scolding us or reminding us again and again about our mistakes.


4) Welcoming him home without a greeting

It can be a challenging world out there for men; they expect at least their home to be their safe heaven. They expect their home to be a space where they can retreat and find comfort.

When they come back home from a hard day’s work, all they look forward to ease their stress is a smile and greeting from their beloved.


5) Smothering him with TLC

I know you love your guy a lot and you want to jump at every opportunity to express your love to him.

While guys totally love your care and affection but too much of it can make them feel smothered.

They are not babies and they do not want anyone to stifle them with constant love and attention.


6) Not trusting him or disrespecting him

No one likes it when their partner is not trusting of them. Trust is a basic foundation in any relationship. Another important ingredient for a happy and healthy relationship is respect.

The biggest deal breaker in any relationship is disrespect.

No relationship can thrive without a basic level of respect and courtesy.

No one can stand a partner who is offensive, demeaning or disrespectful.

Even when you have fights or disagreements, please make sure that you do not belittle or demean your partner and put across your point in a healthy and constructive way.

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