The Top 9 Biggest Turn-Offs For Men When Dating

Biggest TurnOffs for Men Dating

Whenever you come across anything related to love and relationship, you will come across all sorts of advice about what women need from a relationship in order to be truly happy. It is always about what a man can do to keep the woman in his life happy and satisfied and what are the woman’s expectations from him. But what about what men want? What about the biggest turn-offs for men when it comes to dating and relationships?

Men also deserve to be loved, appreciated, acknowledged, and understood. They also have many expectations from their partners, but they might hesitate to talk about all that. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel good, or they don’t want to be taken care of.

Here Are The Top 9 Biggest Turn-Offs For Men When Dating

Biggest TurnOffs for Men Dating infographics
The Top 9 Biggest Turn-Offs For Men When Dating

1. Not believing in his dreams.              

Men want their partners to be their cheerleaders and they always want their partners to believe in their dreams. Every man wants his significant other to stand by them and their dreams, and support them till the finish line. Most men might not express this explicitly, but they do want their partner to be there beside them like a rock.

No man wants to be around a woman who discourages him or doubts his dreams. This is one of the biggest turn-offs for men when they are dating someone. If their partner does not understand them and believe in them, they would rather be single than be with someone like that. Men want women who will stand by them and walk hand in hand as a teammate and not someone who would be indifferent or dispassionate about their dreams.

2. Nitpicking and finding flaws.

No one is perfect. No one can be happy, loving, or caring at all times, because at the end of the day he is human and he also has bad days. Sometimes he might have an outburst on you, he might forget to wash the dishes, and sometimes he might end up leaving the wet towel on the bed.

It does not mean that he does all these things intentionally to hurt you or anger you, but simply because he is messy and imperfect. Doesn’t every person have imperfections in themselves? So, why should men be the exceptions? It’s ok to correct someone’s mistake lovingly but don’t constantly nitpick his flaws, and make him feel guilty about them.

3. Acting like his mother and scolding him.

Yes, you have his best interests at heart and you always want him to be happy, and that’s why you are always trying to look out for him. But there is a thin line between being protective and domineering. Don’t forget that he is not a child, he is a grown-up man who is bound to make mistakes and also make them right.

He feels most vulnerable after making the mistake because he is already feeling bad and guilty about it. And the last thing he would want at that time is someone making him feel worse by scolding him or reminding him again and again about his blunder.

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4. Being impassive when he comes back home.

It can be a challenging world out there for men and they expect at least their home and their partners to be their safe haven. Men see their home and relationship to be a place of comfort, safety, and peace. So, when they come home they look forward to their partners greeting them warmly and with a lot of love.

If they don’t get that, they feel more dejected and exhausted, and some even feel lost. This is the least you can do for him. Just give him a tight hug and a kiss when he comes back home after a long and challenging day at work.

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