9 Teachings of Confucius, That Will Effectively Alter Your Priorities In Life

9 Teachings of Confucius, That Will Effectively Alter Your Priorities In Life.

Every philosophy enthusiast would surely be familiar with Confucius and his teachings.

He was the greatest Eastern philosopher of all time, whose teachings deeply influenced East Asian life and thought.

The lessons imparted by the philosopher are still being taught to the upcoming generation.

The majority of Confucius’ teachings revolved around joys and fulfillment of life.

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Mentioned below are some lessons that can prove to be beneficial in our lives:

1)  Make constant progress

Identifying the right path and constantly making advancements on it would eventually take you to your desired goal. With continuous efforts and hard work, success is inevitable, and you will achieve your targets.

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2)  Your friends and the quality of your social circle matter

Surrounding yourself with positive friends, who push your limits and help you become a better person, would shower you with positive energy and would always keep you motivated.

Friendship is a 2-way street and you should treat your friends in the same manner as they do. Research proves that friends play a pivotal factor in an individual’s happiness and thus a healthy social circle proves to be beneficial.

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3)  Wonderful things do cost something

To safeguard ourselves from threats, our brains are adapted to think negatively regarding some scenarios. This can be harmful if it becomes a regular practice.

Yet, adjusting our approach consciously towards positive thinking could help us overcome this malpractice. All good things come at a price.

Without efforts and determination to think positively, the ability to achieve wonderful things reduces significantly. A dedicated approach over a period of time will help you develop a positive outlook towards things.

4)  To be wronged is nothing

A lot of precious time and brainpower is wasted by focusing on past or present dilemmas you are facing.

Instead, focusing on the brighter parts and centering your mind around it would not only help you set goals for the future, it would also give you an opportunity to reflect on the mistakes and would aid you to rectify them for the future.

Along with this journey, many obstacles, such as criticism, would try to block your progress towards the ultimate goal, yet it should be neglected and the individual should continue progressing ahead.

5)  Keep in mind the consequences of any action

Newton’s third law states: “Every action has an equal and opposite action.”

This law goes hand in hand with Confucius’ teaching: “When anger rises, think of the consequences” Anger doesn’t pave the way to any positive advancements.

In fact, it can cost you if you haven’t taken appropriate measures. Instead of taking a step back and patiently and tactically thinking about careful feedback is a valuable deed.

6)  Learn to adapt and adjust

By keeping a close check on your progress, you will identify factors stopping it. It also helps you figure if your plans are working as expected.

If the expectations aren’t being met, then take a step back and change your approach. Failure to adapt and adjust would lead to failure in progress too.

By asking yourself, “Am I succeeding?” at regular intervals, make sure that you comfortably move along the right path. If there are any obstacles, immediately stop and adapt and adjust your strategies. This would lead to a swifter and obstacle-free journey to your ultimate goal.

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