9 Signs You are a Born Healer


Have you recovered from a ‘very dark time’? Have you been healed from a difficult disease, accident or emotional wound? This is the first sign. You somehow managed to call upon the forces of Healing in order to recover. This means you could summon these forces again. 


2.  You Feel Awakened

We live in a World of deception. A Born Healer has somehow been through an awakening phase. Despite what others do, a born Healer has been awakened because of a remarkable experience. Although, this awakening is not always easy or desirable it’s somehow strong enough to make us realize the Truth which is hidden in this world. 

A Born Healer sees or feels the energy which runs inside of us all. This Vital Energy which some call Chi, Prana or simply… Magic is everywhere. Healers know that. This energy can revive anything if focused and directed properly. 


3.  You are an Empath

Empaths are people who are very sensitive to the energies/vibrations that surround them, both thoughts and emotions, of other people, animals, plants and even that of spirits. This sensitivity seems to stem from the ancient belief that everything is connected therefore it is easier for some people to make this happen- tap into the energies that surround us and become one with them. Here you can learn more about Empaths – and if you are one. 

In other words, you instinctively feel what others feel. You are connected with this unseen web of energy like communicating vessels. Exactly because of this ability you can ‘connect’ with other’s energy system and alter it.


4.  Strangers Open Up to You Easily

Probably, exactly because of your empathic abilities, strangers love to open up to you and talk about your problems. The fact that someone decides to talk to you about a problem is part of healing too. Every healer that ever lived knows about the healing effects of discussion and human communication. When other people ‘dump’ their heavy emotional baggage to you, they just begun healing themselves.It’s when they decide to get rid of their negativity (of course this also means that you should find a way not to be affected by it).

The Throat Chakra – which rules communication – is also ruled by Mercury – Hermes. This is the God of Healing and Communication in the Ancient World. 


5.  You are Close to Nature

Natural healers are by definition close to nature. Born healers love to walk in nature, enjoy the sound of running water and stay close to animals and trees. Of course, this works great for healers as they also have the chance to ground themselves and abolish negativity or excessive energy. 

Nature is the source of vital energy. Those who tap into it’s power, Rule the forces of life and death.


6.  You Attract Animals on your Path

This amazing ability might seem pretty random, but if you think of it, it’s legit. Do animals seem to follow you when you walk alone? Are cats, dogs, birds or other animals attracted to you? This probably means that you radiate energy which is visible to these creatures.