9 Signs You are a Born Healer

In other words, you instinctively feel what others feel. You are connected with this unseen web of energy like communicating vessels. Exactly because of this ability you can ‘connect’ with other’s energy system and alter it.


4.  Strangers Open Up to You Easily

Probably, exactly because of your empathic abilities, strangers love to open up to you and talk about your problems. The fact that someone decides to talk to you about a problem is part of healing too. Every healer that ever lived knows about the healing effects of discussion and human communication. When other people ‘dump’ their heavy emotional baggage to you, they just begun healing themselves.It’s when they decide to get rid of their negativity (of course this also means that you should find a way not to be affected by it).

The Throat Chakra – which rules communication – is also ruled by Mercury – Hermes. This is the God of Healing and Communication in the Ancient World. 


5.  You are Close to Nature

Natural healers are by definition close to nature. Born healers love to walk in nature, enjoy the sound of running water and stay close to animals and trees. Of course, this works great for healers as they also have the chance to ground themselves and abolish negativity or excessive energy. 

Nature is the source of vital energy. Those who tap into it’s power, Rule the forces of life and death.


6.  You Attract Animals on your Path

This amazing ability might seem pretty random, but if you think of it, it’s legit. Do animals seem to follow you when you walk alone? Are cats, dogs, birds or other animals attracted to you? This probably means that you radiate energy which is visible to these creatures. 

Like ‘Fairy Doctors’ who always been accompanied by animals, born healers are usually followed by animals, which actually somehow help or guide them. 


7.  You Come from a Line of Healers

Like Witches, who sometimes descend from a Bloodline of Pure magic, some healers (which may also be witches of course) descend from a line of people who loved to cure others. These ancestors may not be born healers but they somehow influence their children to help others.

Have you been raised to help others? Your Karma may be pushed you to be born in this family and awaken in you the Will to heal and help others. 


8.  You Actually Want to Help

Maybe this is one of the most important signs. If you somehow feel the urge to help, then you will probably find a way to do it. We become what energies we attract. Hence if you’ve always wanted to help others, you will certainly succeed. 


9.  You have the Healers Mark

Four or more parallel lines on the bottom On the bottom of the little finger is an indicator that this person is a powerful healer. It means that the barrier of the healers mark has the great ability to touch the Hearts of people and find ways to heal their scars both emotional and physical. Do You have it? (See more magical signs on your hand which indicate Magical Powers).

healer's mark
the more the lines, the greatest the gifts

This ‘Birth Mark‘ shows your capability to transfer and alter energy around you. Can you Find it?

So tell us. Do you feel you are Born Healer?

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9 Signs You are a Born Healer


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