8 Profound Lessons Intimate Relationships Teach Us

Lessons Intimate Relationships Teach Us

Is there anything sexier than that?

If you take the time to think about it, some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned have come from our intimate relationships. Our relationships offer us a window into ourselves. We grow from miscommunication and misunderstanding. We become mature by learning how to control our emotions and improving the way we communicate when we are flooded with anger.

Our relationships teach us what is and isn’t acceptable. With every relationship problem that occurs, ask yourself, “what lesson can I learn from this? What is this problem teaching me?”

8. Relationship problems can be a catalyst for profound personal growth.

If you listen, you will quickly discover that life’s powerful lessons are taught within our relationships. With those closest to us.

I’ll leave you with a quote that profoundly continues to touch me and my relationship.

“Romantic love requires courage – the courage to stay vulnerable, to stay open to our feelings to our partner, even when we are temporarily in conflict, even when we are frustrated, hurt, angry – the courage to remain connected with our love, rather than shutting down emotionally, even when it is terribly difficult to do so.

“When a couple lacks this courage and seeks ‘safety’ from pain in the refuge of withdrawal, as so commonly happens, it is not romantic love that has failed them but they who have failed romantic love.” – Nathaniel Branden.

Dedicated to your personal growth in love.

Intimate relationships can teach you to be a better person, every step of the way. A healthy and fulfilling relationship will always aid you in being the very best version of yourself, and if that is not an amazing thing, then what is?

If you want to know more about how intimate relationships, then check this video out below:

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