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7 Steps To Create The Life You Actually Want

Steps Create Life You Actually Want

Everyone wants to live life according to their own terms and conditions and enjoy to the fullest. But not many of you are able to create the life you actually want? isn’t it?

Life’s such a complex thing. If we think about it, no one knows why, how, and when it all started. Everything’s how it’s supposed to be, our bodies and minds are functioning on their own, and all we can do is question, test, and agree with different beliefs that will eventually allow us to function.

Thing is…you’re probably not thinking it this way. The majority of people are stuck in a continuous cycle that doesn’t allow them to think about their life. On a conscious level, people understand that some of their decisions were bad. They understand that their life’s not as it supposed to be and that there’s a strong need of change.

But, unfortunately, these conscious thoughts will never propel anyone towards a better life. Honestly, there’s no magic formula for creating a better or a perfect life. Everything’s too abstract and too unpredictable, so every individual follows his own course.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for some practical tips that’ll inspire you to make a change to create a life you want. I guess you’ve probably realized that enough is enough and that you finally need to make the courage to change something for good.

We’re going to approach 7 steps that’ll allow you finally reach the outcome that you’re dreaming of. Pay attention, take notes, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION.

1. Assume FULL Responsibility for Everything that Surrounds Your Existence

The first step towards change is accepting that you’re the only one responsible for everything that’s happening to you. It’s easy to blame different circumstances or persons for your lack of happiness and balance. What successful people do, though, they take responsibility for all of their actions.

Remember. Every cause has an effect. So even the smallest decision you’re taking will surely have an impact on your future.

2. Pursue Your Unique Purpose

Every one of us has a greater purpose. It’s not a cliché, trust me. In case you’re looking to make a great change in your life, you’ll have to first know what you want to do. If I asked you this simple question: “What do you want to do for the rest of your life? What is the purpose of your unique existence?” What would you respond?

Take a moment and reflect. Finding your purpose isn’t something anyone can teach you. You need to try to look “within”, explore your inner self, and look for the answers on your own.

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3. Goal-Setting

Never keep your goals in your mind. It has been actually proven that goals that are written down are much more likely to be accomplished than goals that are kept just in the minds of the subjects.

Jerry Watson, shares his goal-setting process:

“Start setting 3 long term goals. Let’s say, in 1 year exactly, you want to earn 50$/month. Another one could be to travel to Hawaii. Choose your third.

Now, start creating monthly goals based on the 3 yearly goals you have set. So if 50$/month is your long goal, you need to create a sub-action. Something like “By the end of January, I’ll have my website up and running. By the end of February, I’ll have the marketing campaign set in motion and I’ll be able to sell my product”.

You got the idea. Once you’re done with the monthly, think about the weekly ones. The same rule applies – everything’s connected to the bigger goal”

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4. Emotionally Connect with Your Goals

7 Steps To Create The Life You Actually Want

If you’re not emotionally connected with your goals, you’ll never be able to reach them. People that succeed in what they are almost always committed to doing the work. Many of them don’t even perceive it as work, so they’re only playing each day.

In order to connect with your goals, you need to find the reason why you want what you want.

Once you figure out what drives you, you can use that drive to move forward each time you’re going through challenges.

5. Start Taking Consistent Action


Once you finish with all the planning, it’s time to take action. The action is equal to personal power. It’s your ability to make an actual change by moving around, solving things, fixing problems, and so on. Without the struggle, you’ll never get to witness change and create the life you want.

The simple fact that you might have negative habits that are already influencing your lifestyle is keeping you stuck. You can use your personal power to start taking care of the important things that will eventually help you create the life you want.

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6. Hold Strong No Matter How Tough It Is

In many situations, you’ll believe that you’re done. You’ll say “no more” or “enough is enough”. Listen. Changing your life around is not so easy. You need to be dedicated to the process, have patience, and stay on track.

For example, if you want to start your own business, you’ll need to work 8 hours to pay the bills, and then after all that exhaustion, you need to get back to work. You see, not many people can do that, so not many people are above average.

The question is…can you do it? Can you not give up?

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7. Never Stop Your Personal Development

In order to keep on living a productive life, you need to continue your personal development process. You have to make yourself time to read, study, and work on your skills. Life, as we have it right now, is too precious. We cannot afford to waste our time by stagnating.

It usually works like this. You get the idea that life could be better. You think about it a lot, then you reach this article. If you take our tips into consideration, you’ll start getting emotionally connected with the plans that you’ll initially create.

You’ll take action, and you might succeed in doing what you’ve proposed. Once you’re there, you should never stop making progress. Develop new goals, new skills, new ideas. Stay sharp and consistent!

The entire process of change shouldn’t be painful. It is painful if you make it so. But, if you perceive it as a journey towards something better, it’ll seem like the normal thing to do. The pursuit of greatness is extremely satisfying once you do it for a while. You’ll slowly see improvements in your life and the results will eventually show up.

From there on, you’ll get the momentum to continue what you’ve first started. Nothing’s more important that smart and consistent work. Do that, and you’ll never spend a minute of your life thinking that your life’s not good enough!

Are you ready to create the life you want?

create the life you want
7 Steps to Creating the Life You Want
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