7 Spirit Poisons: Things That Are Making You Unhappy In Life


Spirit Poisons

Have you ever heard of the term ‘spirit poisons’? Spirit Poisons are nothing but beliefs and conditioning that are responsible for all the miseries and sufferings in your life.

The concept of spirit poisons deals with the reasons behind the miseries of the masses. It is believed that there are seven spirit poisons that can be a bane to the happiness of your life.

As we all know humans are bound to harness desires and expectations. Sometimes, this leads to self-sabotaging belief systems and toxic habits, which are our spirit poisons.

Today, we will talk about these troubling and disturbing patterns that are making you unhappy and turning you into a poisoned spirit. We will also discuss ways to overcome these problems.

7 Spirit Poisons

Here are 7 beliefs and habits that can make you unhappy and miserable.

Life Creates Opportunities

1. Life Creates Opportunities

It is true that life will mystically create opportunities and you will be given a sign. However, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon the idea of looking out for the opportunity. To think that life will bring every option to your doorstep is wrong.

It will lead to a situation where you’ll be left with limited options in life. It will also hinder the chances of your development to some extent. You must have a belief in hard work. The success achieved through laborious effort has a very long life.

What To Do? Become inquisitive in life. Don’t miss the opportunity of trying new things. Don’t live within the boundaries of your own fort and meet people who belong to different fields.

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2. Urge To Be Liked By Everyone

Urge To Be Liked By Everyone

There are some people who want to be loved by everyone they meet. This creates huge issues in their life. One must understand that even God is not liked by all in the world. We are mere human beings.

So, irrespective of the fact that you have given your best, you will never get everyone to love you. One must not take it otherwise, as in the majority of cases, it is the other person whose past and nature stops them to accept your good nature.

What To Do? You must detach yourself from unnecessary obligations. Once you start doing this, you will notice that you have initiated some meaningful friendships. It will earn you peace and relief eventually. You will get rid of pointless heartaches.

3. Life Is Just

All of us have, at one point in time, uttered this statement “Life isn’t fair.” However, to accept it as a fact is not something that most of us are comfortable with. At our subconscious level, we expect that life will be fair. We keep expecting that after some time, life will balance everything. It makes us relax and we end up wasting our time and opportunities.

What To Do? If you feel that you have been doing the same for quite a long time, then it is about time that you quit it at once. You must prepare yourself for a fight back and take a stand for yourself.

Life Is Just

4. They Will Understand

This problem is a recurring one when you are in a romantic relationship. Though, it happens in other places too. What happens is that we start expecting that the other person will know if you’re dropping hints. It is good if they understand you, but it is not going to happen all the time. More often than not, you will be misunderstood by them. You even get hurt when they don’t behave as per your wants.

What To Do? If you want to get rid of this problem then you must start looking at everything by taking different perceptions into consideration. “What the other person might think?” is the question that must come to your mind in these situations. In any case, a straightforward conversation is really an antidote to such problems.

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5. Expecting Agreement Everywhere

Expecting Agreement Everywhere

This is a common as well as a twisted problem to handle. One must respect your thoughts and ideas. You should be heard. However, if you expect everyone to agree with whatever you say, then it becomes quite problematic. You will have to understand that the other person has not been conditioned the way you have been. So, it is quite natural to have differences.

What To Do? You can think of it as if you’re getting an opinion coming from a different perception. Anything can have two different angles to be looked at. Start paying attention to other important things and ignore these clashes which are just unproductive in nature.

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6. Seeking Happiness In Materialistic Fulfillment

Seeking Happiness In Materialistic Fulfillment

Materialistic things are invented in order to make life easier. They can only increase the comfort level of your daily activities. Although they are good to have, you must not let yourself believe that these things can bring you absolute happiness and peace.

Our material needs can only fulfill our physical needs. But, the satisfaction which we need for true happiness is miles away from materialistic gains. Nowadays people run after money and luxury a lot. However, we seldom notice that those who own these luxuries don’t sleep peacefully at night.

What To Do? To get rid of this poisonous idea, you only need to persuade yourself to believe that there is life beyond materialistic comfort. Physical items don’t bring peace and happiness and this is a fact that must be learned from childhood or as early in life as possible.

7. Self-Doubt

Those who are trapped in this fear have actually set a downhill path for themselves. It is fine if you think you can’t win all the time. However, when you start thinking that you can never win; then you have actually lost your will to win.

What To Do? Start believing in yourself. You must think that losing is actually a way to learn new things. Start preparing yourself for a new act every time with enthusiasm. Once you adopt the path of optimism and self-belief, you will have won half the battle.

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I will conclude this topic of spirit poisons on a suggestive note. One must not let their emotions rule them. If you start fighting against your own evil, your individual spirit poisons, you will earn great victories and happiness in life.

If you want to know more about the different spirit poisons, then check out this video below:

Spirit Poisons
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7 Spirit Poisons: Things That Are Make You Unhappy In Life
7 Spirit Poisons: Things Unhappy People Do
Spirit Poisons Things That Are Making You Unhappy In Life pin
7 Spirit Poisons
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