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15 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

15 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

Many times, we put ourselves through suffering because our expectations are not met by the people that surround us.

We become obsessed with others and how they fare with us. It is true that we all want the basic things such as respect and duty in relationships, but such lofty goals may just cause us disappointment and heartbreak. For most people, words and actions may not be about accountability always, they may chart their own paths in life.

15 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others
stop expecting from others

Here are the 15 things you should not expect from others:

1. Never judge others based on your standards:

You have to realize that most people apart from you are different. They have a different set of morals and principles. Focus on your own sense of right and wrong and never impose them on others around you. As long as they don’t hurt you, stop judging!

2. Nobody is perfect:

You cannot expect everyone to be tailor made for you. Disappointments are part of life. Imperfections are made to be perfect. This obsessive compulsion to be perfect and have everything going your way may be dangerous.

3. Do not expect everyone to agree with you:

Best friends do not agree on everything they say or feel. The best way to challenge the status quo is to stop agreeing. You could still disagree on everything and still have wonderful relationships.

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 4. No one can actually read your mind:

Some people may be gifted with an intuitive mind. This does not make everyone sensitive and in a position to read other minds. Not all people have the same wavelength so stop expecting wonders about knowing the inner workings of other minds!

5. Do not think others will rescue you when you fall:

This may be an erroneous expectation in close relationships. But most people in the world today, are not in a state of mind or in a situation to brush the dirt off your shoulders every time you fall. They may have their own struggles and problems. So deal with yours!

6. Not everyone will understand you:

There is no need for others to understand you. What matters is a working relationship with others around you. You need not gain acceptance from everybody and anybody.

7. Do not feel that others will treat you like you treat them:

Ideally you would think it is the perfect rule in the world today. But things hardly turn out the way we dream. It is better that we face up to reality and be fair with everyone around us. You need not expect the same gratitude or even the compassion when dealing with others.

8. Not all people remain unchanged:

Most people change with every passing year. We do not live in a perfect world and every day is a tough battle where most others are judging us. People change with time and it is important that we have softer standards.

9. Not everyone has everything together:

Life often is very adverse and most of us face curve balls every other day. It is not possible to keep our selves in form all the time. It is important that we accept our shortcomings easily.

10. Cultivate a feeling of love from within yourself:

You should be able to give love to yourself. Instead of showering it on strained relationships and insincere people, try and love yourself first.

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11. Stop thinking that things will be easy:

Life is an oddball that is often not easy. You need to hardwire yourself into believing that you have to play it tough with hard work and discipline. Once the realization steps in you will be able to make a difference.

12.  Do not expect fairness in all that you do:

The world is a tough battleground. You should be fine tuned to get nothing in return of your endeavors.

13. Stop thinking that adversaries will fail:

This is a common problem today. You can only do your best and expect nothing in return. People around you need your encouragement and you need to accomplish the tough things. Instead of focusing on others focus on you!

14. Get in control of your money:

Expect no one to pay your bills. Even in the best off behaviour, people that go out with you or are acquainted with you do not deserve to pay your bills. You should be financially sound and self sufficient.

15. Set standards only for you:

This is a problem a lot of us face. It is imperative that you stop expecting everyone to be up to your perfect standards. You can set standards for yourself, but others around you may not be up for it. Accept this and move on!

15 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others
15 Things You Should Stop Expecting From Others

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