6 Ways You Can Create Good Karma Everyday

Ways You Can Create Good Karma Everyday

Is karma a lifelong goal

The old saying rings a bell of familiarity all too well. What goes around always comes around. Indeed, say experts. The fact remains that how you behave with others comes back to you in return. If you give out positive vibes, chances of you staying happy in life are real. Many of us live on autopilot mode, not aware of how thoughts influence the reality. Most of the unrest in the world is due to the negative thoughts people emanate in their lifetime.

The wars and bickering, complaining and general unhappiness is all because of our negative energies and a skewed thought process. To counter all this negative energy, we can create good karma so that people in our lives make us happy and sets the vibration that keeps us happy.

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Here are the 6 tried and tested ways of creating wholesome karma in our daily lives:

1. Utter The Truth At All Times: 

In case you lie to people, even if it is a small one, chances of you setting up deceit and hidden agendas in others minds is quite high. Most people will not trust you, once they find out the fact that you were lying. Telling the truth not only allows more people to enter your life, but it also helps you save time and effort to keep lying on a cover up!

2. Living A Purposeful Life:

 It all makes sense to set clear intentions in whatever you do. You should not be afraid of going after your goals. The journey of fulfillment is not just about reaching your goals but also helping others reach theirs. Try and put up the best face in front of the world. The universe sends you experiences and people that do just that.

3. Helping People: 

It takes a lot of good vibes to actually help people in their journey called life. A life lived for others, is a life well spent. You can use your unique talent and traits to help others who are in need of help. This simple act may help you make a mark for yourself and ease the pain of emptiness in your life. Most of us need a purpose in life; helping people out should be integral to that purpose.

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4. Meditate Regularly: 

In case you need to quieten your mind from all that is upsetting you and making you depressed, you should meditate regularly! You should pay attention to all the thoughts and feelings that emanate in the brain. Continue to attract positivity as much as possible. Exuding good energy is a must these days.

5. Be Compassionate And Kind In Life: 

You need to seek your inner self and draw energy that helps others. Life works in a series of give and take. In fact, the more you give the better the results. We all fight tough battles in life and it is important that we empathise with the struggles and spread kindness.

6. Get A Grip Over The Bigger Picture: 

Most of our lives seem uncontrollable and a series of atrocious events on the surface. However, it makes sense to take into account the larger good of our lives and decide on what we will have in the future. You should invite positive events and check on the pure love that helps you change the direction of your life for good.

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6 Ways You Can Create Good Karma Everyday

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