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10 Ways To Create Good Karma Everyday

Ways Create Good Karma Everyday

Karma is a concept that has intrigued people since time immemorial. The thought that an unseen thing is capable of making you pay for all the bad things that you do is scary and powerful at the same time. But karma isn’t about making you pay for your sins, if you do good things, then karma can also make you reap its rewards. Yes, you can create good karma in your life by doing good.

“The energy that you put out comes back to you.” – Eckhart Tolle

This saying perfectly captures the idea of creating good karma. How you treat others, is how you will be treated. If you are manipulative and mean to people, the same thing will happen to you. If you are nice, kind, and honest towards others, you will get that back in some way or the other. What you give out to the Universe and it’s people, is what you experience yourself.

Here Are 10 Ways To Create Good Karma Everyday

1. Always speak the truth no matter what.

In case you lie to people, even if it is a small one, the chances of you setting up deceit and hidden agendas in others’ minds about you is quite high. Most people will not trust you, once they find out that you were lying. Telling the truth not only allows more people to enter your life and trust you, but it also helps you to save time and effort from keeping lying for a cover-up!

Sometimes, the truth might be hard and uncomfortable to speak but still go ahead with it. People will always come to you for honesty and they will know that you are someone who can always be trusted to say it as it is. Lies are temporary lifeboats, they may serve you well for a while, but when the time comes they end up destroying everything in their way.

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2. Give compliments freely.

One simple compliment can make someone’s day. It might take you just a few seconds, but a little bit of validation and appreciation can go a long way in making someone happy. Some people tend to be very egoistic about praising others because deep, down inside they don’t want others to be happy.

One of the best ways to create some good karma is by appreciating and praising others for what they do well. Maybe tell someone that they are doing a good job, or that they are looking good. It doesn’t make much to make someone feel good about themselves.

3. Live your life with purpose.

It all makes sense to set clear intentions in whatever you do. You should not be afraid of going after your goals or feel intimidated in trying to fulfill your dreams. But also keep in mind that the journey of fulfillment is not just about reaching your goals but also helping others reach theirs. The more you help others know themselves and help them find their purpose, the happier and content you will be.

Be strong, loving, encouraging, and supportive and when the time comes, other people will also behave the same way with you. The more purposeful and wholesome your life becomes, the happier you will be in the long run.

4. Helping other people selflessly.

It takes a lot of good vibes and a pure heart to actually help people selflessly and without expecting anything back in return. A life lived for others, is a life well spent. You can use your pure heart and loving soul to help others who are in dire need of it because what better way to live a fulfilling life than doing good for others.

This simple act will not just help people who need help, but also work towards creating some good karma for you. Most of us need a purpose in life and helping people out without any ulterior motives should be integral to that purpose.

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5. Show gratitude and give thanks.

Gratitude can go such a long way in bettering your life and instilling in it some much-needed positivity and kindness. Being selfish and wanting more and more from life is not going to do any good for you, because no matter how much you have, it will never be enough. Always remember that what you have, others might only dream of it.

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