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6 Signs You’re Maturing and Not Just Aging

signs you are maturing

6 Signs You’re Maturing and Not Just Aging

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.” ― John C. Maxwell.

The world is a very hard place to live in. We are so preoccupied with our jobs that we hardly get time for our self-development. Paying bills, having a stable career, taking responsibilities of our families, etc are things which are symbols of being matured and adults. This is how society presents it to us.

But do we ever ask ourselves: are we really happy? Why then we suffer from depression, anxiety? Why are so many break-ups and divorces? The reason is, we aren’t matured. The truth isn’t about how we follow the rules but how we understand our inner selves and behave accordingly. That’s how we mature.

Here are 6 signs of you’re maturing:

1. The ability to listen to others:

To listen to someone is an art we master. In order to be a good listener, you need to be silent and let others speak. You be with the person and focus on what they are saying instead of thinking about the clothes they are wearing or letting your mind wander off to something else. You don’t judge the person and irrespective of their age, you give your time to them, speaking only after they have finished. This is a sign of maturity because you will be able to respond honestly only if you listen with full attention.

2. Patience:

With the rise in technological developments, we are living in very fast life. We want everything at the tap of her hands. If it happens otherwise, we become restless. Waiting is something that you learn as we mature. The more you grow, the more you become more accepting of things and situations you don’t have control of. You understand that restlessness or worrying will not do anything well. So you wait patiently without creating any extra chaos.

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3. Accepting that things change and letting go of stability:

Our life is constantly changing and most of us find it difficult to deal with changes. With age, you realize that all things cannot go on your way. Life is unpredictable and if you don’t adjust yourself to the changes, you lose out the best in life. You make plans and dream of them but you also know that they might not work out. You slowly start letting go of your stability and be at peace with changes, with this uncertainty of life. Yes, this is a sign you are maturing.

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4. Giving up expectations:

The moment you let go of your stability and accept the fact that life changes all of a sudden, you stop expecting from people and situations. You don’t get hurt anymore if you’re not reciprocated, you don’t feel bad anymore if someone you love hurts you, you don’t complain why someone is doing something which is against morals. You don’t get excited by the reactions of people and the change of situations. You are maturing with time.

5. Having a deeper understanding of ‘love’:

People go through a lot of heartbreaks at their young age to understand what love actually is. When you mature, love becomes a ‘choice’ for you, not a need. You go beyond physical attractions and small talks repulse you. You respect your partner as an individual. All the heartbreaks and misunderstandings have taught you to adjust to the relationship without causing harm to yourself. You know that love is not a state but a work that needs commitment, time, understanding, and respect.

6. Releasing of self-importance:

As a person matures, they realize that the world is not centered around them. They realize they are what they are, they understand their strengths and weaknesses, their limitations and flaws. They wouldn’t stick to something they don’t like. They accept their mistakes and move on towards positivity with whatever they have. It doesn’t matter to them who believe in them and who doesn’t, who loves them and who doesn’t, who trusts them and who doesn’t. They don’t seek validation from anyone but themselves. And that’s how they mature.

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6 Signs You’re Maturing and Not Just Aging

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