12 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Communicate With You

Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying

Spirit guides create vivid scenarios to catch our attention during this time and deliver an important message. It is best to ask for guidance with sincerity and deliberation before meditating or sleeping.

2. Sharper, More Enhanced Senses

As spirit guides mostly communicate through indirect means, they often sharpen our senses to make us more observant and notice their signals. We may notice their messages on the edge of our vision and may not fully understand at first. But remaining calm and being open to the experience can help us decipher their signals.

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3. Random Electrical Interference 

Spirit guides can and do use electricity to make contact with us. If you are experiencing abnormal levels of electronic and electromagnetic disturbance and your gadgets and devices are acting up randomly, then your spirit guides are trying to connect with you.

Spiritual energy fields can manipulate the magnetic fields created in the space surrounding electrically charged particles. It has been observed that spiritual energy can interfere, interrupt and even affect electronic devices. 

So the next time your TV or radio or music system starts malfunctioning, pay attention to what is being shown, discussed or played at that moment. This phenomenon will continue until you directly address the situation.

4. Higher Levels of Intuition

Do you ever feel that you know certain things but can’t explain how you know about it? Or maybe you know something that you had no memory of learning? Spirit guides often deliver information and answers to us through our intuition. They can easily connect with our intuition and help us learn what we need to in that moment. We may hear telepathic voices in our head different from our own thoughts. Or we may have a strong gut feeling about something important. 

So make sure to listen to your gut as it may lead you to the exact answers you are seeking. Keep your mind and heart open to receiving information or you might shut it out and prevent yourself from receiving divine knowledge.

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5. Spiritual Chills

Have you ever experienced frequent sudden chills throughout your body? Or had random goosebumps? This experience is known as spiritual chills. The feeling is unlike a normal shiver and feels like energy flowing through your body. Spiritual chills are a direct sign that your spirit guides are trying to reach out to you or send you a confirmation or message. 

The best way to understand the message is to reflect about the exact situation or what you were thinking about at the moment when you felt the chill. Spiritual chills especially happen when you are meditating, lost in a deep thought, on the verge of sleep or trying to communicate with your spirit guides.

Instead of being afraid, try to tune in, pay attention and take notice. The spirits are trying to guide you. 

6. Sudden, special scents

Do you suddenly smell a particular scent that reminds you of a deceased loved one? If so, then it could mean they are present around you and offering you their love and blessings. 

Aromas are often used by spirits to guide and reassure us. They often please and delight us with pleasant and familiar scents to catch our attention. These scents may even be associated with childhood memories. This is a sign that your spirit guides are helping you in making certain decisions, find inner peace by letting go of what doesn’t serve you and trust in a higher power for guidance.

7. Phantom touches

If you experience light, phantom touches or caress, it could be your spirit guides letting you know that they are here to protect you. Touches are a physical and emotional sensation. So our spirit guides may often touch us lightly when we are desperate and sad. If we are in any danger, we may experience a tug or push or a nagging pain in a specific part of our body. In times of joy and happiness, we may feel a warm, gentle hug or chill up our spine.

Phantom touches are a nurturing and divine way to let us know that there is always someone watching over us from a mystical realm.

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