6 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift


Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift

Are you a spiritually gifted person? Then most probably you have received signs you have a spiritual gift!

You have noticed certain things in yourself and often wondered whether you have been endowed with spiritual gifts. We all are special in our own way. We all have our bad and good qualities. But the thing is that some of us are more special than others.

You ask, how? Well, some of us have been blessed with a spiritual gift that not all of us possess. But most of the time, the ones among us who are spiritually gifted, fail to realize that we have the gift. The result is a situation where we never actually use our gifts and let them go to waste. This isn’t the best thing to do surely.

So, how do you know if you have a spiritual gift? In order to help you out, we have brought to you a list of signs that reveal you have a spiritual gift that you must hone and use in order to help the people around you.

6 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift

Here are the signs of being spiritually gifted:

 1) You Enquire About Your Dreams

Sometimes our dreams are intriguing, aren’t they? We see these things in our dreams that we know aren’t true. This is why most of us forget our dreams and don’t take them too seriously.

But the ones amongst us who are spiritually gifted are aware of the fact that our dreams are crucial as well. Also, most of us don’t pay attention to our dreams because we tend to forget them but this is not the case with the spiritually gifted.

The spiritually gifted ones remember their dreams and even maintain a journal to write them down. They also look for the signs that their dreams give them. Thus, they try to deeply analyze and think about why they are dreaming about what they are dreaming about.

Isn’t that amazing? Doesn’t this also show how highly aware they are of their own self? If you also practice this habit, this is surely one of the signs you have a spiritual gift.

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 2) Visions Are A Part Of Your Life

Not only dreams but visions are also a part of the life of a spiritually gifted person. Their mind is full of these visions and these visions may occur to them in the most random of situations.

They may be doing the most common of things and then they would suddenly have some vision and could begin to work on that vision. Yes, they are a little weird like that. But the thing is that visions are a part of their everyday life. If you can relate, then this is one of the signs you have a spiritual gift.

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3) A 4 AM Bathroom Habit

Did you know that 3 to 4 AM is actually considered a sacred time? Yes, this is true. And the spiritually gifted ones have a thing of waking up suddenly at 3 or 4 in the morning and obviously what is it that they do when they wake up? They go to the bathroom.

So these spiritually gifted people are weird in this way also. While most of us have a 7 AM Bathroom habit, these spiritually gifted ones have a 3-4 AM habit. If you too wake up between 3 am to 4 am, take this as one of the signs you have a spiritual gift.

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4) Nightmares Are Constant

Well, dreams are constant and visions are constant so nightmares are also constant. The spiritually gifted ones toss and turn in the bed sometimes having the worst nightmares about things that are going to happen. And sometimes, these things happen too. Don’t blame yourself for this, but take it as one of the signs you have a spiritual gift.

5) Empathy Is Your Thing

One of the most significant signs of a person being spiritually gifted is the fact that empathy is a part of their everyday life. It is almost like these souls cannot and would not live or survive without empathy.

They are empathetic even in small ways just as they are in the big things. They don’t put this empathy on display or something. It is actually an innate part of their behavior and they don’t try too hard to be empathetic.

Somehow, they are naturally inclined towards other people and think about the welfare and emotions of other people automatically. Thus, their empathy isn’t a one-day phenomenon. They practice it every day and with all purity.

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Empathy shows you have a spiritual gift
Empathy: one of the signs you have a spiritual gift

6) Your Intuition Is Super Strong

If you are spiritually gifted one thing is for sure, your intuition is super strong. You almost know what is going to happen next. Sometimes you even use this intuition to help people around you to escape from any harm or trouble.

This is because, as mentioned above, you are also empathetic and you worry deeply about people. This intuition also helps you sometimes to solve problems even before they have happened.

These are the signs you are spiritually gifted. Remember that you are different. It is very rare to have this quality. Make sure you use this spiritual gift to help the people around you and thus make this world a better place to live in.

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6 Signs That Say You Have A Spiritual Gift
Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift
Signs That Say You Have A Spiritual Gift pin
Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift
Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift pinex
Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift pin

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  1. Verry Hurt 4 them Avatar
    Verry Hurt 4 them

    I no longer suffer the pain of being an empathic person, the pain of others is to much. I have my own, I can’t stop the pain of others so why carry it. It doesn’t stop them from hurting just bc I feel there pain as much as they do. I block it, I try hard not to listen or watch things that have true stories of people hurting. The world doesn’t care if they hurt or that you hurt. The sheep are being slaughtered. The wolves have no mercy. I’m a wolf. It’s hard for me to be with my own kind and still protect sheep. I hate them for being weak. But I want let them get hurt,and I want hurt them either. Sometimes I want to for putting me in this situation. But they didn’t. I’m just an outsider and I like it that way. My own don’t trust me and they shouldn’t bc I hate other wolves. They are merciless and greedy. And what sheep would walk with a wolf.

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