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5 Things An Introvert Absolutely Needs To Be Happy In Life

What makes someone happy? A good meal, talk, an evening out, or a movie with friends. Well, there are some things that are known to be happiness triggers for all. But is that true for all? What keeps an introvert happy?

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Here’s what makes them different and special at the same time.

The terms “Introversion” and “Extraversion” were popularized by the famous Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

The Introversion – Extraversion dimension is also a major part of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test.

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According to personality theories everyone has some traits of both Introversion and Extraversion but people tend to lean towards one or the other end of the spectrum.

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Whereas extroverts gain energy from social interactions, introverts are more quiet and reserved and recharge their batteries in quiet and alone time.

Wondering, if you are an Introvert?

Check out the list of the most common Introvert personality traits:

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1) Thoughtful and contemplative
2) Detail oriented
3) Interested in self-knowledge and high on self-awareness
4) Learns through observation
5) Quiet in large and unfamiliar groups
6) More sociable and open around people they know well

Since Introverts and extroverts have different personality traits, things that make them happy are also very different.

While extroverts enjoy socializing and meeting people in large groups, introverts can find huge amount of socializing very draining. They like to spend time with people they can have meaningful and fulfilling conversations with and then retreat into their quiet space to recharge their batteries.

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