5 Signs You’re More Into Him Than He Is Into You

5 Signs You're More Into Him Than He Is Into You

Love can be difficult pill to digest sometimes!

Dating especially in the 21st century of social media and filters, can be a tricky maze to usurp. If you are having problems with decoding his code do not worry, darling, you are not the only one in the caravan doing a solo travel in a desert land! Hundreds of others are there as your companions. You may be a newbie in the dating area or may have had a few or many exciting sojourns. Never mind we all have our share of problems in dating and relationships.

Read on to find out how to decode the meaning of certain codes. Meaning: How to know whether he loves you more or, less, or for that matter not at all.


1. Take time to make your rhymes

Yes ladies, always remember time is the deciding factor to every decision you take in life. You should give enough time to get to know a person properly. Do not ever jump head-on into a relationship. For all that you know the guy can be a serial killer! Give him some time. Try to understand your feelings you have for him. Do you just like the guy on a friendly basis? Are you physically attracted to the guy? Do you just like his jokes? Do you see him as a potential husband and father? The answers to these questions only will lead to your destination.


2. What? Too busy are ya’…

Like you should take time to fall in love and go into a relationship with a guy, you should also know how much time he is also giving to you. If he is busy all the times or most time for that matter, meets and talks to you only at his convenience and does not a give a heck to your feelings, know well that the guy is not into you that much.


3. Emotions only in the form emojis

I know that the society has drilled into the minds of little boys that guys should not express their emotions, they should never cry and be hard-pressed. As a result it becomes very difficult for grown men to express their emotions and be vulnerable. But know it very well, if a man truly loves you, he cannot help but express his emotions in front of you whether it is anguish, anger, tears or laughter it matters not. He will always seek your comfort or sanctuary whenever he is down. Rather than texting you a stupid emoji on Whatsapp he will tell you about his real emotions.


4. Give me some more compliments

I may sound vain, but always know that a guy who loves you will compliment you often. He will definitely! Even when you are down you look ugly and haggard! Because he cannot help but find beauty in the person you love. Like you find his tired sighs sexy, he may also find your topknot cute 😉


5. Meeting the family is the real deal

If your man is truly in love with you and sees a future with you, he will most definitely make an effort to get to know your family and friends. He will also introduce you to his family and friend, and make it a point that you meet them often and are comfortable in their company.


6. Spread the love in shared activities

A man in love no matter how much he hates will try at least in his life ( Make it more than once in fact 😉 ) to do something with you that you love, or both of you love for that matter. Even if he hates shopping he will most definitely take you shopping if he loves you. He will also make plans for road trips which is a favourite for both of you.


7. Smile please lady!

He will want to see you smile more often. That is because he loves you and loves your smile. So he will do things to make to smile. Even if his sense of humor is not so good, he might try his hand in PJ. And if he is one of those silent, brooding types he will show his love by doing things that will make you smile like that particular type of chocolate that you like or arranging your plate in a way that you are particular about!

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